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Don't Panic. Breathe. Start Again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's nearly the end of September. I've been away from SP for the better part of 200 days. 200 days was enough time to undo all the good work I put in this past winter and gain more weight back than I lost. 200 days was enough to once again get stressed, go back to eating poorly, and be too busy, and too apathetic. 200 days of living -- sometimes fun, sometimes overworked, sometimes travelling, sometimes sleeping, and most days eating.

So here is what I learned in the last 200 days:

I love food. I mostly love carbs. Carbs do not love me.

My elimination diet that lasted from January 1st to mid April 2014, was a success. I confirmed that I am highly intolerant to onions and garlic (and the entire Allium family). Legumes are the bane of my existence yet peanuts and soy seem to be fine. Honey in large quantities and tomato paste out of a can gives me headaches. Melon makes my mouth itch. Raw salmon and raw oysters give me a head rush that feels akin to dream flying... It's a good feeling.

My elimination diet was a success until I finished it... then I started eating wheat... because I could... no reaction, right?


In 200 days, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, pies, cookies, and hey, did I mention BREAD? in general put all that lovely weight I lost back on. In spades. Without consideration for my feelings at all. Because after removing onions and garlic and legumes and melon from every part of my diet I couldn't possibly let go of something I actually COULD eat without my digestive system screaming like a crazed banshee...

Carbs, you are no longer my best friend. I am tired of you... you MAKE me tired. We can not see each other on a steady basis anymore. We may have a fling now and then as I know that there is a good side of you too but you broke my heart and my willpower and my pants. We really need to cut back and reexamine our friendship.


I've made a deal with a friend of mine. We are both on course as of tomorrow. We will start a low carb, low sugar, "real food" eating plan. We both have a chunk of weight we need to lose. We both desperately have forgotten how it feels to "feel good" in our bodies. We will attempt to keep each other accountable. We will whine together while sometimes wine-ing together. Nothing is guilt-punishingly strict - but we agree to understand what this food that we love so much is doing for us... or in some cases, what it is doing TO us.

I've done the work, I've made the errors. Now it is time to finally put all this knowledge to work FOR me.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not preaching low-carb for everyone, but I do know that the difference between my eating earlier this year when I felt great and was losing weight and now when I'm thirty+ pounds heavier and am exhausted after a meal is basically traceable to one major food "grouping": Starch/Sugar.

So I'm back. Thanks to all of you who stuck around and are still willing to help this wayward soul on my journey forward. I would like to promise that I won't get lost along the way again but right now I just want to take the first step.

I'm not condemning myself for the past. I will not panic when I stumble again. Instead I will breathe. And Simply Start Again.

** should anyone be interested, here is a great couple of links explaining the Low-Carb, Real-Food based plan and the addictiveness of sugar. The first one is called "How to Eat Healthy, Lose Weight and Feel Awesome Every Day". check it out if you like: authoritynutrition.com/h
the other is "How Sugar Hijacks Your Brain And Makes You Addicted". authoritynutrition.com/h
(both are from the same awesome blog). Also, a good page that defines "Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs" waybeyondbefore.com/good
Hey, we're all here to learn, right?
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