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Friday and Juice Plus

Friday, October 17, 2014

My mammogram results were pretty good. Two very small cysts were found and both look like nothing to worry about. My doctor is going to send me to a specialist 'just in case'. She wants a closer look taken at one of the cysts. I'll be going on the 28th, and we'll see what they say then. But still a emoticon moment of relief that it seems like nothing serious!

Started a therapy journal. Just a normal composition notebook that am going to use strictly for prayer and therapy.

emoticon I did really good yesterday till dinnertime. Dinner was from KFC and I ate (spread out through the night) 3 pieces of chicken. To me that is too much. But I'll be getting better, it takes practice! Today I will:
0730 yogurt and granola
0930 bar
1130 -----
1230 green salad and bar
1430 ??
At 1130 I won't be able to eat due to being at CC, but I am taking a salad with me this time, to eat while I watch the kids. We are going grocery shopping right afterwards, so I'll have more options after then. I'm going to make my own bars!! I'm going to try using quinoa to make a softer bar, found a great looking recipe online, and we have quinoa that needs to be used. Can't wait!!

Juice Plus! Since starting JP my acne has all but gone away. I have changed soaps and not used anything special on my face, so it is not that. My arms look clearer too. I've not been drinking enough water, so it is not that either. I got in my delivery of JP yesterday and was rather excited. Of course, I got more supplements, but what got me excited was the new bars I got and the gummies! The bars I can't wait to try! The gummies help when I have a sweet craving. I know, the gummies are supposed to be for the kids, but I use them too. Hey, whatever works, right? This time when I get close to running out of gummies I'll buy more instead of being out of gummies for two months!! The gummies are supposed to be enough for one kid for four months. Yeah, but I've got two kids plus I use them. So I figure a month and a half and I'll need to buy more. If your looking into it, I'd give it a try.

Still trying to figure out more things I can have for my mini meals. Going to get some more eggs and maybe boil some for meals? Yogurt and granola, bars of different kinds (no cereal bars!!) broccoli, of course! 1/2 sandwiches, salads... but I need more than just that. I've been kinda stuck on what to eat and that usually means I'm going to end up eating more, gotta stop that!

emoticon I've not worked out all week!! Yikes! I was getting sick at the beginning of the week (thank you JP that it was not any worse... DH is still sick), so I used that as an excuse not to work out. Then I just didn't feel like it. I can't today, it is CC day and I don't have enough time to get everyone ready and work out. Saturday's I'd like to be able to, but DH sleeps in and I don't want to wake him with the squeak of the elliptical. Maybe I can go for a walk instead? Pack up and go to the park? Hmmm.... I'll think on it. I do have time on Sunday's but then again if DH is not in the band that week he sleeps in. I'll have to talk to him and see what we can work out, or if we need to move the elliptical somewhere else. Not that we have room anywhere else.

Today I will:
emoticon finish my meal plan and stick to it!
emoticon take all my meds and supplements emoticon
emoticon drink my 64 oz of water!
emoticon go grocery shopping
emoticon CC
emoticon To Do List
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