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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I don't know if my weight has yet reflected it, but I've made some really horrible choices in the past maybe four days. I need to do something NOW or I will regain the 14 pounds that I'd lost.

What can I do?
1) exercise
2) try not to eat out
3) If I DO eat out make wise choices.

I need to detox all over again. I was just getting to the point when my tastes were being renewed so that healthy foods were tasting good and junk food was horrible. And I'm drinking WAY too much coffee. yes, it's decaf....but I'm sweetening it with stevia and a good dose of flavored coffee creamer. That has to stop

But I don't want to come down on myself like an Army Sergent in Boot Camp. Yelling at myself has never been beneficial . I need to find my "want to" as Lysa Terquerst says.

What is my "want to"?
1) I want my dad and my doctor to both say "wow- you look great"
2) I want to fit into smaller clothes
3) I want a flat tummy
4) I want to have some strength...to make it up the stairs easily...to be able to bike for a half hour without great difficulty.
5) I want to desire healthy food.
6) I want junk food to taste like junk.
7) I want to stop shopping in the plus sizes.

But none of these things seem to me to be "IT" ---the biggest factor in my desire to be thin.

I want to look in the mirror or in before and after pics and feel really good. Proud. I want to master my desires...not have them tripping me up.
I just weighed myself. I've gained a pound and a half. The buck stops here. I'm drawing a line in the sand and promising that there will be no more compromises...no more "cheats" or "gluttony".....I'm going to fill my brain with motivational things and I'm going to meditate daily on why I want to do this and what it is worth to me.

I have to WANT to be thin and strong MORE than I want those brownies or whatever. I have to learn that momentary pleasure degrades and destroys long term goals and my REAL desires. I'm going to be choosing some motivational quotes or stories and mulling them over and hopefully writing a blog about them and how they can help me.

NO more animal proteins
No more fats--oils etc
No more processed food
No more leaving the house without a meal packed or healthy snacks.
No more high sodium foods

I'm going to find the lunch box I'd bought recently so that it is ready for trips.
I need to keep it simple. NOt spread myself thin through rules and determinations.

Rather than thinking of what i cannot have.....think of what you CAN have..what you MUST have in order to have a healthy body....and if I fill up on those foods, there will be no room for foods that are not good.
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