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Back to Beck Day Thirty-Eight: Dealing With a Plateau

Thursday, November 20, 2014


My weight is staying steady. I'm on a plateau.

And that's OK. A plateau really is the essence of maintenance.

I'm not trying to lose weight. I'm trying to stop yo-yoing.

Sticking with the Beck program punctiliously is keeping my weight steady.

If I wanted to lose more weight, I'd need to exercise more, eat less, or some combo of the above. But I really can't eat less and meet my nutritional requirements for protein, carbs, healthy fats, various vitamins/minerals etc. which I track in addition to my calories.

And I really am exercising as much as I'm finding time for at this particular moment, about 3 x a week. (Although yup, could always exercise more: exercise just doesn't seem to affect my weight all that much. Important for other reasons primarily . . . mood, toning, cardio fitness and so forth).

Recent physical with new doctor: my blood pressure is optimal. My blood work is perfect. She spontaneously referred to me as "thin" when she recommended I get a base line bone density test (because "thin" is one indicator for monitoring bone density). And pointed out that my BMI is also optimal. (I was incredulous, of course: after all, in my own mind I still weigh 230 pounds, right?)

My goodness it's a lot of work to stay in the same place (sabotaging thought!!). And yes it is. NO CHOICE. Eating sitting down. Preplanning, Tracking.

Oh well.

This probably is my maintenance weight. And this probably is the regime required to keep me at my maintenance weight.

Oh well. Oh well. Oh well.
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