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Back in the Saddle

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Well I had a week of poor choices. Fortunately for some reason I did not have much appetite so that helped to keep it from being a catastrophe. Then on FRiday I bought some veggies and fruit because we were out of everything. Last night I cooked collard greens with shredded carrots and a raisin, balsamic, cashew sauce over the greens and carrots. (You blend those ingredients in the blender with a little water and it makes a lovely sauce). I really did not expect to like the greens. I thought they would be slimy and mushy but they weren't. Despite 13 minutes of steaming , they still had texture and a slightly crisp feel. I felt like I was giving my body a gift. Collard greens are one of the most nutritious things you can eat. Dr Fuhrman is always singing their praises....and now I know why.

I had a little of the sauce left over so today made a smaller batch of the same meal and also had a salad for lunch. And to get my quota of beans in I had a black bean brownie for dessert.

For tonight I am making Brussels Sprouts.....another new favorite that I'd avoided for my whole life up til now. I had cooked some about a week ago and fell in love with them. My daughter likes them too so I'm making them for both of us.

Today I was terrified to weigh myself after my week long excursion to the "Dark Side"....I thank the LOrd for the gift I found on the scales. I had only gained a half a pound, despite eating crap for a week. The only explanation I can give is the fact that I skipped meals, not being hungry.

So now, being back on track once again, I am sure that my weight loss will pick up. I am awaiting the transformation of my taste buds....When a slice of pizza tastes like a salt lick, and Doritos taste like chemicals. Already my taste buds are rejoicing with the good food. Soon I will lose my predilection for sweets...and for lots of bread or pasta. I'm allowed one starch a day and it is encouraged to make that starch a vegetable type...like squash or sweet potatoes. Tomorrow I am planning on making a small batch of whole grain spaghetti and having sauteed zucchini and summer squash topped wiht spaghetti sauce and non dairy cheese. It sounds delicious. I am only making the most simple of Dr Fuhrmans recipes....also I am finding some from other online sources such as Spark People. As long as they conform to the guidelines he laid out in his books, then I can't go wrong.

When my husband was eating the Eat to Live food, his chest pain disappeared and his labs were normal for the first time in years. And yet now, he is refusing to eat this food....even though he knows it is the only hope he has of remaining alive. His arteries are all 99% or higher clogged with plaque. He has 5 stents holding two arteries open...however the junk he is eating is going to re-plaque those stented areas and then he will be in serious trouble. I've begged him to join me in eating the right way....but he is determined not to.

I have set up for myself a list of goals and a point system for when I meet those goals. They are more in depth and more personally geared than are my Spark goals. I plan to reward myself with every hundred points on my system, and also for every ten pounds I lose. So far Ive lost 14.

I not only WANT to do this. I WILL do this. That is my promise to myself. And at some point I need to get more serious about exercise once again. The recumbent bike is the only type of cardio I can stand due to the Rheumatoid Arthritis in my ankles and knees. I have been doing some strength training with pathetically light weights. Ive gotten completely deconditioned. And I know that If I do not exercise....once i lose significant weight Im going to be a saggy skinned mess. In 2010 when I lost 70, I was working out really hard....and I did not have much extra skin. However, this time Im heavier and am less able to exercise.

Maybe --as Dr Fuhrman has said, --eating properly will reduce or even eliminate Autoimmune Diseases. He held out less hope for those of us who've had the illnesses for years. So maybe it won't go away....but maybe it will stop some of the inflammation and thus the pain.

I can always hope.
Then I could exercise again maybe.

I'm feeling so good about getting back in the saddle.
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  • PGHP31CK
    WOOPWOOP! Cheering you on, 'cause you're gonna do this!!

    2126 days ago
    Good for you. The collards sound delish. I never had brussels sprouts growing up but I like them now if they are cooked well, e.g. roasted through. I ordered some in a local restaurant cooked with mustard... they were good too.

    You don't say much about getting protein, though. I we don't get a LOT of it when losing weight, especially if not exercising a lot, we can lose muscle as well as fat. If not able to exercise a lot, it's hard to put muscle on. Less muscle means less calorie burn, lower basal metabolism, and it's harder to keep weight off.

    By a lot of protein I'm talking 1.5 grams a day per kilogram of body weight. (That's what I read.) It would mean 150 grams of protein a day for a 220 lb. person. My goal is at least 100 grams of protein.

    I wish you great success, just would hate to have you lose muscle and make things tougher for yourself down the road. God bless. Stay healthy. Hugs!
    2127 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Collard greens are tough so its a good job you gave them some extra cooking time. Sounds like great recipe, glad you could handle making it. Sounds like you are getting back on track big time. Great to hear! Sorry about your husband though, its a shame he can't be inspired by you.
    You do have to look after yourself and your own needs first.
    Keep up the great work!!
    {{{ gentle hugs}}}
    2127 days ago
    Good job! emoticon
    2128 days ago
    Hi, since you have mention in your last two blogs about Dr. Fuhrman, I decided to read further. I found they have his Eat to Live book at the public library, I am going to swing by there tomorrow and check it out. Between your blog (and the information I found on line) my curiosity is peaked. I am always a little suspicious when someone seems to promise us the moon as in his website, but I also find when I eat a heavier portion of vegetables I seem to lose weight and feel better so I feel there is something here I must follow up on. The con is you said his recipes are intensive to make, I am not that comfortable in the kitchen so intensive cooking may not be my style. At the same time your collard green recipe sounded good.

    In closing, I am glad you were able to get back in the saddle. I look to reading more in the future about your journey.
    2128 days ago
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