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Monday, February 02, 2015

It took me quite by surprise to find that my blog was featured in the Community Highlight this week. I've gotten to meet a lot of Sparkers as a result of blog comments, page comments and Goodies. Thank you all for this amazing support.

Now , two months after I wrote that blog---I've now lost a total of 19 lbs. Unfortunately it's coming off very slowly. And I know why that is: it's the fact that I'm making a few too many "exceptions to the rules"-- I have to begin to answer this question honestly: What is more important, and what do you desire more: this (insert food name) or the great feeling you will have when the scale shows a lower number, or when you are able to fit into smaller clothes?" I cannot cheat with impunity. I am only sabotaging my own goals and desires...and ultimately, the one I am hurting is myself.

I have been unable to exercise of late. I have a critically low Potassium level and am fatigued beyond belief. But I should be able to do some arm work with dumbbells or maybe the resistance bands. I will try that today. I also like doing wall pushups or counter pushups (hands placed on kitchen counter, body straight, and push up and back) I often do these while I'm waiting on something to cook. It's more fun than doing dishes!!

I am fighting a lot of what Dr Fuhrman calls "Toxic Hunger"....that is when your stomach growls and hurts. According to him, this is not true hunger, it is your body's efforts to detox from the junk you are feeding it. And once you have detoxed and are eating properly (read his book "Eat to LIve " for more info on that), then you will no longer suffer discomfort when you are hungry....Instead you will have a sensation in your mouth and throat , that alert you to the fact that you need to eat. This is not BS. When I did this program last year I did get to the point where I experienced "True Hunger" and stopped feeling it in my stomach and stopped getting dizzy or headaches. All of those sensations are your body purifying itself from toxins you've ingested.

Until your body has detoxed and you know what true hunger feels like, you should not eat in between meals because you will just continue the same addictive patterns that you've always struggled with. You can have three meals and even a "dessert" like a piece of fruit or one of the recipes in his books after your meal....but then...nothing else until your next meal. The hardest thing for me is struggling with the night time eating. I sleep very poorly and it is HARD for me not to eat at nigiht when I am awake. Particularly when I get up at 1:00 or 2:00 and have to wait until 6:30 or 7:00 when I can eat breakfast. Right now it is 4 :00 AM and my tummy is giving me a very hard time with its demands.

There are many paths to the same destination. The first time I did Spark People, I lost 70 pounds on it. however that only worked when I was able to exercise. Now I cannot walk any distance at all. So I looked until I found Dr Fuhrman --who DOES believe in exercise-- however he knows that health or morbid obesity are obstacles that may prevent much exercise. He says however, that his program works without any exercise....and I can attest to that fact.

What is it in us that says "OK, I've met a goal....now I can relax and do whatever I want" rather than pressing on to the next level or goal? I think meeting a goal is one of the most critical junctures you will encounter on this journey. Even if it is only a short term goal you meet, you still struggle with keeping motivated and not loosening your grip. I think it is hard --in our relief and joy at meeting our goal--to keep our focus; to continue to fight. We have reached a plateau or a plain in our mountain climb but we must recognize that we are not at the pinnacle....and that if we just relax our grip, we are in for an ugly fall. No, when we round that turn in our quest for the finish line, we must adjust our sights, renew our determination and focus and then KEEP ON sticking with the program. Dr Fuhrman says and many of those on that program have also admitted that there is NEVER A POINT when you can eat with impunity. This is a life time program. yes you can have a treat ONCE IN A WHILE --but if you are like me, that once in a while, turns in to a couple of weeks or more of rampant eating. I do much better when I am fervently committed to sticking with the program.

This time around I have not been cooking so much from the cookbook. I am making it easier on myself by making pots of soup, just cooking up some veggies in a yummy manner, or having whole wheat pita pizzas piled high with veggies and non-dairy cheese. Another favorite is a large salad with a crumbled up Veggie Patty on top of it. These things are delicious and don't require much effort. Now with my fatigue issues I am not up to cooking a complex recipe and then cleaning up. Maybe once my hypokalemia is addressed, I will maybe then be able to cook something a bit more complex but for now I'm happy with what I'm making.

I have to celebrate my progress---with rewards other than food....and keep refocusing and fine tuning my progress and my methods. I think that after a while I will have it down to a science and won't have to struggle with getting my shopping list right or knowing what to eat for a meal. But until then I cannot loosen my grip on my appetite or on my shopping list and meal plans. It is all mindful. If I relax and coast (as I've been doing for the past two weeks) gravity will have its way and I will be hurtling DOWN the mountain which just took so much effort to climb. This means not leaving the house without a meal packed in my lunch box. It means planning ahead and knowing what you will eat that day. It means using spare moment to squeeze in a little more exercise. It means saying "no" when you stomach is screaming "YESSS" ( but that is temporary and will go away after about a week or two of religiously sticking with the program).

I don't mean to be a Dr Fuhrman advertisement. I'm just sharing with you what has worked for me. It is a more strict version of what Spark endorses. Veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds and beans. No oil. No animal products. No processed foods. (eventually once you are at your goal you only have to stick to the diet for 90% of your calories. The remaining 10% is flexible) This may not be for you. But do take to heart what I said about the danger of meeting goals. That, I believe is across the board....although maybe you are not like me. Maybe when you meet a goal it pumps you up and psyches you up for the next stage...if so, you are BLESSED.

The biggest thing to remember is to NEVER EVER GIVE UP. You may have to start over 50 times. I did when I was quitting smoking. But there came a day when I was able, after failing miserably for so long ...I finally said " goodbye" to that habit and haven't picked up a cigarette for the past 20 years now. Maybe THIS time we will make it. But we definitely won't if we don't keep trying.

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  • _LINDA
    I was very impressed with the 20 minute TED talk Joel Fuhrman gave that gave examples of people whose lives were turned around and rid their body of diseases like RA and psoriasis just by following this diet. People are blogging and doing lots of it, of books by Beck on weight loss and they all contain useful information that could help your fellow Sparkers. Any little bit could help. Who knows, you may inspire someone to follow this and have success too!
    Perhaps you could share more of his book. These are great teasers as to what its about!
    You are doing great! keep it going!
    emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2055 days ago
    I couldn't do the diet you are doing because of my own medical issues, but I'm sure glad it works for you! One thing I have learned is that I am not going to worry about it this time if the weight comes off slowly. I think when I lost 27 pounds nearly two years ago, I lost it too fast. The rules I imposed on myself were too strict for me to be able to stick with them, and I tried to change too many things too fast. I think I have brought my addiction to soda pop under control, so now I am going to work on reducing sugar in other ways. I have also been working on exercising more consistently, but I am not trying to be a "super-fitness" person. Just increasing it and adding new types of exercises gradually.

    I do have a pot of soup on the stove right now. That is something I definitely have in common with you! I put lots and lots of veggies in my soups. It makes it much easier to get all the veggies I need. I love raw veggies, but there are very few that I can eat due to medical issues. So soup is the perfect solution for me.

    Praying for your success! emoticon
    2055 days ago
    2055 days ago
  • PGHP31CK
    Awesome blog, Cynthia!! The path we've chosen to walk is NOT an easy one, but the results are worth it. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    Praying for your continued progress, and cheering you on!!

    2055 days ago
  • JUDITH316
    emoticon emoticon I'm so happy for you and you deserve this, you have stayed the course and worked hard.. emoticon on your 19 pound weight loss emoticon emoticon Good Job. Keep up the great work Cynthia!

    I'm so proud of you, this is a emoticon day for you...Thanks for sharing your victories and what has worked for you... emoticon with everything you have shared here. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2055 days ago
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