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Small Changes and 5% Challenge

Sunday, March 08, 2015

I finished the Winter 5% Challenge; the past 8 weeks flew by and so did I! I got my 5%; 11 pounds lost and 2 inches each off my waist and hips. I really wanted to start wearing some different clothes that are in my closet waiting for me and I have started doing just that. I will have to rethink my yearly exercise minutes as I am already 67% to goal.

I reestablished some good habits that I used to do and realized yet again that even the smallest effort produces results. I plan on doing the next 5% Challenge but while I wait I wanted to do something else to keep me accountable. I chose the Small Changes Challenge to see if there was anything else I can be doing along the way. The suggestions are all so simple but they serve as great reminders for me as I venture out of some old habits. I think it's all things we already know but maybe haven't thought about for awhile.

So here it is, the first week. As I read through what I wrote during the week, the one that stuck out for me was Day 2, committing to 10 minutes of exercise. I'm averaging 60 - 75 minutes a day but the key is that it's throughout the day and not all at once. Too many people tell me that they don't have time to exercise and I'm here to say that it doesn't need to be done all at once.

Day 1 - Today's challenge is simple: Tell just one person about your goals.

I did that in last Sunday's blog.

Day 2 - Your challenge today is to commit to at least ten minutes of fitness.

10 minutes here, 10 minutes there; the meandering walk to do some errands. By the time I was finished with the day, I had logged 75 minutes of exercise (my longest stretch of exercise was 17 minutes.)

Day 3 - Your challenge today is to eat a healthy breakfast before you leave the house.

I love breakfast, especially on the weekends when I can leisurely create something. During the week, I make all my meal decisions in the morning and sometimes (like today) I eat my lunch for breakfast!

Day 4- Today, your challenge is to try a new-to-you healthy food.

I'm very fortunate to live near a store that marks down its produce when the "sell-by" date is getting close. I was able to get a bag of Rainbow Salad (cauliflower, broccoli, shredded carrots and red cabbage) for 49 cents! I will add that to some frozen chopped broccoli and some cubed ham with ranch dressing for lunch today (this is probably why I eat my lunch for breakfast; it's so good!)

Day 5 - Your challenge today is to get up and move at least once an hour.

Spark Activity Tracker to the rescue! I bought one for myself last fall and I truly believe that it changed the way I do things. It's fun to watch all the minutes add up. I do a lot of walking at work and I don't mind being the "gofer" when something needs to be delivered to a different floor. More steps!!

Day 6 - Spend at least 15 minutes doing something just for you.

This just isn't hard for me, it's doing all the other tasks that are the Challenge!

Day 7 - Tonight, we challenge you to go to bed 30 minutes earlier for some quality snooze time.

And how ironic is this on the night before we lose an hour of sleep? I slept my normal length of time (7.5 hours) and will enjoy the extra long daylight!

Day 8 - Your challenge today is to drink ONLY water--no other caloric drinks

This one's pretty easy for me; I try to make water my drink of choice throughout the day. I have learned that when I don't get enough water in a day, my body rebels and my weight goes up.

Week 1 is done and now I'm off to achieve more small things!! Have a great Sunday!
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