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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A week ago, after eating poorly for a couple of weeks (by poorly, i mean not perfectly. Meals were ok but too much eating out and some snacking). I decided to get in gear with the Eat to Live Program once again as it is the only thing that has helped me. I told myself I would not weigh myself again until 2 weeks had passed. Well today the suspense was killing me and I weighed myself. It was the same weight as I'd started at a week ago.

I know that I'm still eating out too much. I try to order things that are in line with my manner of eating...but it's almost impossible. I have to recover my determination and amp up my desire. right now I'm only really cooking for myself. Sometimes DH will want dinner but most usually not. And DD is almost never home. But when she is, she is happy for a ETL dinner.

Tonight I want a salad. And then I will make some Brussels's Sprouts. I made a new salad dressing yesterday. 2 bananas, 2 tbsp walnuts., 2 tbsp raisins, and flavored balsamic vinegar.. I used raisin infused which I made the day before yesterday.

Tomorrow I need to use up some of the zucchini I have...or else it will go bad. I'm going to make baked spears of zukes coated with onion and garlic powder and sprinkles with homegrown oregano. You bake it ...I have a french fry crisping "tray" (it's really a mesh sheet with upturned sides...but it's good to prop the zukes up on that raised side and the mesh makes them crispy all around. My DD loves this dish. It is supposed to also be coated in paremesan but I don't have any (I just have some vegan substitute which I will use on mine.) I think I will bread the zukes wth homemade seasoned whole wheat crumbs. If there is not any cheese on it, my husband may like that also.

I need to come up with some satisfying desserts or snacks to have on hand. you really aren't' supposed to snack especially in the first six weeks of the program....but it is better to have them and not use them than to not have them and eat junk. I made a really good pudding the other day. It was so good I ate it in two sittings. I'm not sure how it was calorie wise. I think it was fairly high calorie. But that's the great thing about this plan. You eat so many vegetables that you can afford to splurge a bit on sauces and desserts. I think i will make a banana /peach sorbet for after dinner tonight. I need to use some of my bananas....there's no more room in the freezer for them and more are arriving on Friday. I have some frozen peaches which I will put in with a little almond milk.

I have been trying too slow down enough to thank the Lord for the food before I dive in. I have been trying to slow down...to savor the flavors and to chew the food completely. This is hard for me. I tend to wolf my food down---I'm usually the first one finished, (unless I'm eating with my dad....he out-eats me every time)

I need to break through the exercise barrier. My breathing has not been good which makes me a bit nervous to do anything that would cause me too be short of breath. Plus my ankles are very bad...so walking is out. I've been doing some isometric stuff by squeezing a stress ball. My doctor told me to do that, he said it will improve the quality of my veins. Normally they have to try six times or more to get an IV in me and when I'm in the hospital they put in a PICC line. Maybe I can avoid it by using the ball. (you can also use a tennis ball).

I added up what I spent on eating out this past month. Over $150!! that's insane. That's a full week's groceries. It will mean a big dent into my social life....but I just can't eat out every Sunday and every errand day and every MD appt day. For the errand day and the MD day I can pack a lunch or dinner. After church? if they are having a fellowship after the service (which they do every two weeks) I can pack my own and bring it. I know I will get teased for doing that. But they don't offer any healthy options. Donuts. Meat stews, pies...you get the idea. And for the week where there is no lunch I should have a plan or have something pre-made (like a soup or some wraps) because I will come home ravenous from church.

I have an MD appt tomorrow. Normally my dad and I eat out afterward. I have some soup made that I can bring and I can make some wraps. However where can we eat them? EAting in the car isn't too comfy. And a lot of restaurants have signs in their doors saying that no outside food is permitted. I don't see how they can get away with that if one of the party is buying food there. Once the weather gets nice, sometimes my dad and I will go off the beaten trail and find a lovely spot where we can pull over and eat our food. It's not getting dark until after 7:00 so maybe tomorrow after my 3:00 appt. we can do that.

Sorry for the wanderings of my mind. I would like to hear your comments. How do you manage not to eat out when you are out and about? If you are disabled, how do you stay in shape? What is your "go to" recipe when you come home ravenous? How do you still have a social life if you don't eat out or don't eat what everyone else is eating?

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    I would track your food and see how you are doing. I have notice on the Eat the Live diet/meal plan if I am not hungry for a few hours between meals I don't loose weight. It works like a charm though when I do it right. So far I've lost about 8 lbs since I started on it. I'm amazed at the plan. It's so right on and I love the food. I've started to like eating more vegetables and found some decent ways to prepare them. When I snack it's on a piece of fruit, not a cookie or ice cream any more. That's a big change in me. I do find when I snack I don't loose weight which is hard, but I do it anyway. Every hungry moment means loosing weight. It's a motivator. Lol.

    I would also look at the "Chair Exercise" Forum. You would be surprised what you can do on a chair. The forum has extensive information and the leader is excellent. She has her own Chair exercise site you can access with a worth of videos, information. Plus she heads a challenge all the time. Try it. I keep up with the forum just because I like it so much. I do not do the chair exercises except when my knees are out of commission. That's rarely. Still it's a great site! I would definitely visit and message the leader and tell her your concerns.

    Good luck!

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    1998 days ago
    Oh, wow! You have a lot of the same problems with eating that I have. I'm not doing so hot with them right now. I do know that I do much better if I have home made soup prepared. I always put lots of vegetables in the soup. If I don't have soup made, I have a lot more trouble getting all the veggies I should eat. Also, I am much more likely to eat "empty" or unnecessary carbs.

    Trying to get back into the walking now that the weather is better. That is hard when you don't feel well, and I think you have more health problems that make that hard.

    I am keeping you in my prayers.

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    1998 days ago
    We just have to plan, prepare, and then take it one day, one hour, one meal at a time, right?

    For going out places, my first thought was to go to a cafe for an iced tea or an herbal tea with your companion instead of a meal. Eat at home so you're not ravenous and lose control. At Dunkin Donuts you can actually usually get a banana, believe it or not! (Not that I would make that Plan A!)

    For restaurants, deconstruct. You can order fish "broiled dry" (otherwise they add some kind of fat before, during and after.) They usually have generous side dishes of vegetables. Often a couple of steamed ones, which may not be on the printed menu, but might be online. Places cater to guests with food allergies and dietary restrictions of all kinds nowadays. Of course it might help to choose a vegan or made-to-order kind of place over a nationwide chain. I would think you would be better off going to a higher quality restaurant and just ordering a $5 vegetable side dish than a $5 entree at a chain or fast-food place.

    Also, looking at their nutrition info or at least menus online beforehand can save a world of "buyers remorse" over doing it after!

    Or go to a little market when it's warmer, buy some good olives and veggies or something, and sit outside on a bench with your friend, picnic French-style.

    God bless.
    1998 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I think if you could honestly track all you are eating, you would see why you are having trouble. The home made things are especially high calorie -that dressing would be very high calorie, and if you were not sure of the calories in the pudding, but think they are, then they probably were! If you make it, you can track it by putting all the ingredients in the Spark recipe maker to show you how many calories would have been in it. Eating all the fruits and veggies isn't a license to eat sweets and treats. You can actually gain weight eating too much freggies too. I certainly cannot get away with snacking even though my regular food is really healthy. I gave up bananas because they were a high calorie fruit. I switched to soy beverage from milk because it was lower in calories. Eating out a lot would be a big downfall especially. Even 'healthy' items can be loaded with hidden calories. If you can at all see a menu and nutritional info of any place you eat out at beforehand that would be ideal. Most chains have this online, and Spark people reviewed items at various popular eateries as well. Accurate tracking is really the key to seeing where its going wrong. Weighing and measuring everything works. Guessing doesn't. I will be forever doing this, its automatic. Also if I do this, and have a rare eat out day, I will know how many calories I can 'spend' at the restaurant and how many I have left for the day if it was a lunch. Without any exercise, you have no wiggle room at all to go wrong. You were fortunate to maintain, but might not lose any at this rate. You have so many factors against you (weight inducing meds, inability to exercise, unsupportive family) you pretty much have to work hard at this, to be almost perfect to succeed. You have my support and I am here for you..
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    1998 days ago
    First of all, eating desserts (pudding, sorbets, etc.) can add on weight. The journey here is to stay away from sugar as much as possible. Fill up on a sweet potato if you need something sweet. They are delicious. And going out to restaurants, what about an egg white scramble, or grilled fish with veggies. You can order anything but with no sauce. My go to food when I am starving in between meals: almonds, an apple, an orange, yogurt....My social life is great. I just don't pig out when I am with friends and I don't drink alcohol.
    1998 days ago
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