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Friday, May 29, 2015


Veterans Memorial Party
Take watermelon and blueberries for our “dessert”
Keep my eyes pealed for lean meats veggies and fruits
Completely ignore any high fat, high sugar perpetrators, they can not do any damage if I do not touch them (DO NOT TOUCH, DO NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THEY ARE THERE!)
Help clean up the field afterwards. Definitely will strengthen muscles and battle the bulges!

Backpack Supplies
Water (Best Defense against everything)
Camera (Photo tactic: to capture evidence of happiness and great people)
Crochet Hook (May sound harmless but with the right yarn and pattern it can help distract even the firmest food pusher)
A brand new pretty birdy lunchbox(great disguise for a soldier, they will never guess that it holds weapons of body mass melting) with an apple, nut butter, avocado, lean meat.

Okay that’s about as far as my creativity and imagination with my children’s loud voices and lack of focus to complete their work without their CEO .. will let me try to write or be goofy or both

Daily (except Sunday my rest day ..will have to adapt to get my deficit)
0700 I will get up , get started on my new routine
Wii 10 min+
Walk with family 5 to 15 min.
FS&P 30 min
Bodypump 20 min +
Tap 20 to 30 min.
Household/School Work
Check in with Tigers
Keep Supply Backpack Ready to go at a moments notice
Track all Food/Exercise
Complete “Ready for Combat Requirements” each day to earn the rank of GENERAL!!
Look for ACTIVITY OPS, a sitting soldier is a sitting duck an open target!

Okay I had some goofy left and I have nodded yes to my children several times during that last paragraph and have no recollection of what they were asking me.. so I better go see what I said yes to!
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