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It 's Time For A Celebration

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In October 2008, I started my current weight loss journey. I have had highs and lows. One thing that I have been faithfully in saying is that, I am not on a diet. My first long term goal was to loose 100 lbs by my birthday in August 26, 2009. My adoptive sister told me that if I reach my goal, I could have a catered birthday party and I would be able to choose the menu and invite who ever I wanted to invite. We had a large celebration in my church dinning room before bible study that Wed. Evening. At that celebration, I asked my BFF that if I would loose another 100 lbs by my next birthday could we go on the Lady Anderson's Dinner Yacht Cruise.
She exclaimed, sure can!! Thursday August 26, 2010 was Gospel Night on the Lady Anderson. I was at a weight loss of 202 lbs. My friend paid for my ticket. A mixture of 25 of my biological family, church family, and my close friends accompanied to help me celebrate reaching this mile stone. Between the end of 2010 and around the beginning of 2013, life ran its course and I only kept off 140 of those stubborn pounds. Having difficulty walking along with the very near threat of not being able to walk again I had to regroup. I began to work hard to loose the 62 lbs I had gained back off plus an additional 16 of those unwanted pounds. I had lost a total of 218.0 lbs by September 15, 2014. I also went to Sacred Heart Hospital on this date to under go gastric bypass surgery. Five days shy of my 9th month stays post gastric surgery, I have lost 150 lbs since the bypass. Combine that with the weight I lost before surgery, I have lost a grand total of 368.0 lbs. I have 32 lbs to get to my original ultimate weight loss goal. I plan to reach this mile stone of a total of 400 lbs lost by the date of the fashion show.

So, let the planning of the celebration began. The Sacred Heart Bariatric 6Surgical Weight Loss Center in Pensacola, Florida has a support group. Once a year they have a fashion show where past surgical clients can show off their new size, abilities to ambulate, etc... I am planning to be in this fashion show. I plan to show up and show out. I am even making arrangements for a bus so that 50 of my relatives, friends, and love ones can help me celebrate this milestone. I need your continued prayers and support. Much Luv 2 You All.

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