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Hows it goin, eh?

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

How’s it goin, eh?

July 1 is our national holiday, Canada Day where we celebrate the 145th
anniversary of our Confederation in 1867. emoticon

While you all get ready to blow up some fireworks on the 4th, we’re celebrating with citizenship ceremonies, multicultural festivals, and pancakes.

The best part? None of us will have to worry about locking our igloos
or finding a spot to park the dogsled.

On this great day, why not get to know us a little better?
Here's a condensed list of a few Canadian Inventions.

1913, The Zipper has a long history of innovation by Gideon Sundbauck
moved to Canada to work for the Universal Fastener Company in
St. Catharines, Ontario. After his wife's death in 1911, he focussed on
his work, and by December 1913 had designed the modern zipper. emoticon

1875, Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone.
He lived in Brantford, Ontario, Canada when he invented
and patented the telephone. emoticon

In 1923, Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best discovered Insulin and
gave diabetics a manageable solution to their disease. emoticon

The first BlackBerry device, the 850, was introduced in 1999, as a
two-way pager by Mike Lazaridis, CEO of RIM (Research In Motion) in
Waterloo, Onatrio,
The Blackberry mobile phone came later. emoticon

Canada Arm. Without Canadian innovation, a lot of the stuff done in
space just wouldn't have happened. From repairing satellites to building
the International Space Station.
The Canadarm was first used on the second Space Shuttle mission STS-2,
which was launched November 13, 1981, and became an integral part of
every mission after. emoticon

The paint roller was invented by Norman Breakey. If you're spending the
summer painting a fence or your house, thank Canada
for making the job a little bit easier. emoticon

Instant Replay. Hockey Night In Canada was a fan, back in 1955. CBC
(Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) producer George Retzlaff used something
called a 'wet film' replay that aired minutes after the original play.

America can own the invention of slow motion, ABC developed that a few
years after the CBC started replaying. emoticon emoticon

1950, The External Pacemaker – John Hopps emoticon

The beating of our hearts is what keeps us alive; until the pacemaker arrived
in 1950, if there was something wrong with your heart
you were as good as dead without it.

1927, The Snow Blower was invented by Arthur Sicard emoticon


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