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Frequent Flier Miles Earned The Hard Way

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I had my appointment with the orthopedist this afternoon. He said that I am his favorite patient. He was shocked at the appearance of my left leg, which kissed the cement when I fell yesterday. It is very colorful in appearance. If I remember, I will post a picture tomorrow. I also bruised several ribs on the right side and broke my right arm. Unfortunately, our friendly neighborhood hospital didn't put all of the x-Rays on the CD (perhaps because they were such poor quality) and the x-Rays of my wrist and hand had to be redone. The hospital also didn't put the splint on correctly and gave me the wrong type of sling. No wonder my arm kept falling out of the sling! My doctor and staff weren't pleased with my emergency care.

The level of professionalism and care that I got today was light years apart from the care I got yesterday. It was determined that my ribs are bruised (they will feel worse before I begin to feel better) and will take some time to feel better. Oh goodie! Not what I wanted to hear. We discussed my issues with my balance and gait. I now must walk with a 3 or 4 pronged cane at all times. We will treat the most urgent issues first, for now and come back to my gait later.

I have a huge haematoma just below my left knee along with a brush burn. I am to use ice, wash it daily and apply Neosporin cream daily. I will check it for any signs of infection. Staying off of it will help it to heal faster.

The good news is that although my arm is broken, it will not require surgery! A good sized piece of bone broke off the head of the radial bone. I will wear a padded splint and sling for two weeks after which time I will graduate to a cast. The sling is at least twice the size of the sling that the hospital tried to pass off to me yesterday. The strap is padded to protect my shoulder and the pocket is long and deep to keep the arm in one place. We didn't even talk about how long it will take to heal. I will exercise caution where my arm and balance are concerned. I have agreed to take things one day at a time. I am very concerned at this point in time, about my gait and balance. I will try not to obsess about it but it is scary.

My doctor told me that I have now earned enough frequent flier miles that my next injury's treatment will be free! He is planning to design a frequent flier card, just for me. I appreciate his attempt at humor and it did bring a smile to my face. His nurse practitioner told me that at my next appointment they will wrap me in bubble wrap, after putting on the cast, before sending me home. She also said that she would look into getting me a "bubble-mobile" for "out of the home" travel. I promised that I would make sure to purchase a 4 pronged cane. In fact, hubby and I stopped on the way home and bought one. It really does help me maintain my balance - so far so good.

I received a "follow up call" from our friendly local hospital today too. A woman from the hospital staff asked me if I was able to get my prescriptions filled okay. I explained that I didn't receive any prescriptions from the hospital yesterday. The woman didn't seem to understand that I didn't want the prescriptions and didn't receive any. I am going to have to call the hospital administration office tomorrow to make sure that prescriptions weren't issued in my name and filled by someone else. I suspect it will be an unpleasant conversation. I mentioned to her that I felt that the care I received was in need of improvement. She claimed to be concerned and said she would make note of it. This too will be discussed with the hospital administration. I am not looking forward to it.

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