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Thursday, August 13, 2015

I have only weighed myself twice this past week. The most recent time was this morning and I was down a pound. This surprised and pleased me. My checklist method appears to be starting to work. Even though I have had days when I was in so much pain, from my injuries, that I ate only protein and veggies and very few carbohydrates. On those days the nausea was awful and I only ate what was necessary for healing.

Yesterday was rough. My pain was horrendous and all day I ate easy to digest protein and force fed veggies. I went to an orthopedist for my hip in the morning. The wait time was ridiculous. I sat in a wheel chair with my legs down for two hours. This was after traveling in the car for an hour and a half just to get there. I had some protein with my medication early in the morning, but no actual breakfast meal. When we finally finished and headed home, we stopped to eat and I felt so bad that all I had was a tossed salad. We went home and I went to bed and slept. The orthopedist put me on oral steroids and I will have home visiting physical therapy for my hip. I hope it works.

Our local Spark team got together for dinner last night. I realized that I had eaten no carbs or fats all day, right before hubby and I left for the restaurant. I had already decided ahead of time that would order a salmon salad, which I did. When we sat down at our table, the server brought out fresh baked rolls and cornbread. I usually pass on the bread but this time I ate a roll. It tasted delicious and it really helped with the nausea. I also ordered a baked potato along with my salad. It was a good thing I did, because the restaurant was very late bringing out my salad! The manager brought it out himself and said he would compensate me with a free slice of pie. Surprisingly enough, no one at the table wanted the pie. We took it to the kids who live across the street on our way home. (I am impressed with the overall improving health habits of our group (especially our husbands!)). By the time we got home last night, all I wanted to do, was crawl into bed. So....that is exactly what I did.

I woke up tired this morning. Again, the pain was pretty severe. I ate a protein bar with my pills and we headed out for another orthopedist appointment. This doctor is treating my broken arm. The plan was for us to stop for breakfast when we got close to the doctor's office. Of course the best laid plans once again went awry. There was an accident at the exit we needed to use, so we got off at another exit after sitting for twenty minutes. We just made it to the appointment. Again, the office was packed. Between waiting for x-rays and waiting for my splint to be removed, it was another hour and a half before I got to see the doctor. He told me that I am healing well so far but that already my joints are stiff. This means no cast could be put on my arm or the joints would freeze. So, now I only have a sling on my arm. I am to try to gently bend and move the joints in my fingers, wrist and elbow for a week. Then, I am supposed to take the sling off and leave it off. My arm is non weight bearing and I can use my hand and wrist only for small things. All other tasks must be done with my right arm. I will rest the arm immediately if it tires. I am not allowed to do any working out of any kind and my arm may not in any way be used during the physical therapy for my hip. After another week or so, I can drive if I feel up to it. (I am often suspicious when doctors say if you're up to it.) I will return to the doctor in five weeks to assess my healing rate and move to the next step.

Hubby and I started our trip back home. I said that I could wait to take my pain medicine and prednisone. I closed my eyes and did my relaxation exercises. About 20 minutes later, hubby pulled into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. He hopped out and asked what I wanted. I said a cheeseburger and a diet coke. I don't usually eat fast food and I am a chicken, egg whites or fish kind of girl. I also drink tea or water unless my stomach is queasy. He asked if I would eat a meal and I said sure. I closed my eyes and waited.

After a few minutes, there was a knock at my window. There was hubby with my drink and a bag of food. We got ourselves situated and just dug into the food. I ate a little burger and the meat out of a second little burger, plus a small order of fries. It was 1:35pm and our late breakfast was delicious. I took my pills and felt a lot better. It will be a long time before I eat another fast food meal like that again but it served its purpose. Next time, I will bring my own snacks and portable food. I usually prepare in advance and rarely run into the issues of the past two days. I am happy to say that I don't feel one bit bad about today's fast food feast. ( Nor do I feel inclined to rush right out to eat fast food again real soon.). I had a spoonful of tuna on top of a bag of romaine lettuce and some fruit for dinner.

Tonight, I am resting somewhat comfortably although I feel fidgety. My arm really hurts when I move it. I can see why working out will be out of the question for the next five weeks. I start my home physical therapy program, for my hip, tomorrow afternoon. I hope that it will help me with my pain and balance when I try to walk. I am starting to move in the right direction.
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