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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Right now, at 2:39 AM, I am doing the happy dance. Why? -well let me give you some background first. I have been pursuing a vegan, no oil, no salt, no sugar, no processed foods diet as part of the ETL (Eat to LIve) guidelines. I had been doing amazingly well for the past two or three weeks; side-stepping temptations right and left. Making nutritious, healthy food: being about 60% raw and also using my Instant Pot: making my own soy yogurt and soy milk....and being very happy doing all this stuff.

Then came Monday.

A friend and I went out to breakfast with our sights set on a little cafe were I can get "veggie hash" and a fruit cup.
Well, it was Monday...and the cafe was closed. So we went to a dive nearby--a place wiht a truck stop atmosphere.....And there was not one single thing that it was okay for me to eat. But I was very hungry...it was well past my normal breakfast time. So I ordered blueberry pancakes telling myself, "Well at least there was some fruit"

Then came Tuesday.

I needed to go to Walmart so my friend drove me there with the plan of eating on the way. We stopped at a diner.--and there was absolutely nothing on the menu that was okay for me to eat. So again. I settled. 7 Grain french toast. And I felt terrible. I was so angry at myself for caving in......and to make matters worse, I had ordered some of their breakfast potatoes not realizing until they arrived that they were fried. I kicked myself out of that restaurant so furious wiht myself. that finally i had a little talk with myself. "Yes, You screwed up but being angry about it will not help you. What will help you is to get back in the saddle and keep riding." So at Walmart I bought a bunch of fruit because I was almost out of it.

This morning (WED), I debated about weighing in. I knew it could be higher than my last weight of 201. Regardless, I had to know where I stand. So, holding my breath, I got on the scale. GLORY BE!!!! I weigh 198!!! This is the first ime I"ve been lower than 199 since 2011.

And this is without exercise. I still am wearing some of the steroid swolleness...a double chin and a protruding belly. But hopefully that will resolve in time. And hopefully in time, I can begin to move around and exercise. There are some exercises I can do now....and I can possibly use the recumbent bike if I start off slow.

So there you have it : my bumpy ride to Onederland.
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