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Day 324

Friday, November 20, 2015

emoticon Today is CC (homeschool group) day for the kiddos, so I'm going to be stuck in the classroom all day. Literally. We get there around 0845 and don't leave till around 3:30. Longest day of my week. The good news is that we are going to be on break till the beginning of January after today! I'm so looking forward to it. We are going to do a lot of fun science stuff!!

emoticon Not working out this morning, going to work out after we get home and get some rest. I got almost 8k steps yesterday!

So, I've been doing some thinking and some reading about people who have lost as much or more than I need to. I need to lose 125 pounds. That's a whole person worth of weight! Anyway, they all have several things in common, these successful people I've been reading about. One, they work out - a lot. I'm talking like 2 hours a day. They eat a lot of veggies and some fruits. They cut out the overly calorie dense foods and eat more healthy. They emphasis how important a good night's sleep and eating at regular intervals. They are active on Sparkpeople.

emoticon I so do not work out that much. I'm wore out after my 30 minutes! But I can slowly build it up, and had been planning on building up to 1 hour. So now my goal is 2 hours, but not all at once, I'd like to throw some walking (working up to jogging and then running) into my lunch hour so that I can run those 5k's next fall.

emoticon I'm working on increasing how much veggies/fruits I get. And I'm cutting out calorie dense (such as cheese) foods and highly processed foods. My hardest thing I'm giving up (surprisingly it is not pastries!) will be pasta. But, I have the pasta attachment for my mixer, so I'll try my hand at making pasta. Homemade I can eat. I'm going to buy some extra measuring cups so that I can measure everything I eat. My idea of what a portion size is skewed, so measuring everything into serving sizes will help me learn what a true portion size looks like.

emoticon Sleep I'm working on. I'm amazed at how long and how many times I wake up in the night. I always remember waking up a few times but according to my Fitbit, it's so much more than I thought. Sleep doctor here I come!

I'm sure there will be a lot of bumps along the way, but I will persevere. Even when my motivation is flagging and I really want that cheese cake, I will remember two word. One is persevere. I will stick to this no matter how hard it may seem. The other word is diabetes. This holds a lot of weight with me, especially since my Mom died from untreated diabetes. I have pre-diabetes, and I don't want to end up with the real thing.

The other thing that will keep me going is my Fitbit. I love all the data it collects. Seeing how many stairs I've climbed or steps I've taken really motivates me. Plus it has data I can take to the doctor, such as my sleep records and my resting heart rate record (I'm pretty sure my resting heart rate is not supposed to be in the 90's!!). Heart disease runs in my family, so this data in particular worries me more than the sleep does!

Wish me luck today on being able to actually stay still for the whole day!!
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