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Monday, November 23, 2015

I just can't seem to get back on track. Every time I say I am going to do this..start eating better again & walking, something comes up and I have no will power! I cant seem to stop eating things I shouldn't. It's tough. Man.. it's tough. This time of year is the worst time anyway, with potlucks and folks bringing goodies to work..I really want to lose the extra 25 lbs that I have put on since January, but I can't seem to do it. I cant seem to say no to the bread, candy, chips, beer.. I need to get my head straight!
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    Pick one thing and stick to it. Make one new healthy habit and master it. Then do another. Then do another. As they say, "A year from now you'll be glad you started now!"
    1834 days ago
    I know you can do this! Baby steps! Take one bad thing away and add one good things...once you've been doing well with that, take another baby steps, replace one bad with one good....I've been baby stepping for going on 4 yrs already!
    1835 days ago
    I know exactly what you mean. I'm in the same place myself.

    There's a monthly challenge here (Living Low Carb) where we each make up our own challenges and our own goals (usually behavorial). After months of doing just fine, suddenly I'm not. My goal for this month is just to check in on the challenge thread every day. That's pretty much all I do some days, but I am doing that. As others have said, it's a small success but it is a success and it will, I hope, get me going on to bigger successes. I know from past experience that there will come a time when things will suddenly change and I'll wonder what was so hard about it, and it's a lot easier to get back on track if I have stayed active on this team.

    Another thought is to pick something small but more relevant to your food plan. How about deciding that you're not going to eat potatoes for the rest of the year? Just that one restriction, no others. Or no cookies, but other things are ok. Or whatever. Would that help?

    As for the allergies suggestion, I do something similar. I tell people that I'm diabetic and that I control it with diet and am very strict with my diet so I don't have to start taking medication. So far that's worked very well, though one woman said she was glad when she had to start taking insulin so she could eat whatever she wanted and just adjust her insulin!

    And then there's always the old standby - I'm allergic to cookies/sugar/bread/whatever - I get fat when I eat it!
    1835 days ago
    I don't know if your willpower is stronger without the inevitable pushing that comes from those around you who are eating the unhealthy (Holiday) stuff. Mine is. And so I have started telling people, "I have food allergies and I can't eat that." Usually it's completely true because I am allergic to soy and that knocks out pretty much all of the processed stuff, but I have also used it to describe why I can't have things I am pretty sure don't have soy but DO have lots of carbs (I am doing LCHF.). Without having to argue with people around me about whether or not I should eat whatever in moderation and that I don't "need" to be dieting anyway....etc. etc....it's a lot easier for me to stay strong.

    Hope you find a solution that works for you....even if the current solution is to start again more times than you give in! The new year is coming and then everyone will be sieting (for a day or two anyway) right alongside you.
    1835 days ago
    I believe that losing weight is one of the hardest thing to do other than quitting smoking. (I did that 17 years ago.) It is a total mindset. You have to really and truly want to lose the weight, plan on it being totally difficult and just take it a day at a time. The support you get on this site is amazing, especially when you feel like going off track. We all do, it is part of the process. The holiday season is lurking, food everywhere and temptation at your finest. Try when it isn't the holiday to eat healthy and in moderation. Just do it even if it is for one meal. Gradually it may become easier for you. Stick around here, we got your back!
    1835 days ago
    Don't give up! Set your goals focus on them and reward yourself when you meet them! emoticon
    1835 days ago
    Should say beat not best. Oops!
    1835 days ago
    You can do it!
    1835 days ago
    try to not best yourself up and praise even your smallest success. Can take some getting used to but I've found the more down I get with myself the more I want to eat junk and less I want to move. When I celebrate small steps, I want to do more.
    1835 days ago
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