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Week of 11/23 recap

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Week of11/23-11/29 Recap I started off the week great. Monday was not a great food day for me but I did get the challenges done through out the day, I took to writing in a little diary app the time and how many of what I did that way I can keep track, for later. Determining on Monday I needed to work on the lunges more through out the day and decrease my soda/diet soda intake and increase my water (I know last week was a bad week on the water side) I did have a bad food day on Monday but did manage to stay inside the calorie goal. Tuesday: Tuesday I did the challenges again in the morning using a bench at work for the triceps dips and bathroom breaks for the lunges and squats. I really don't like them lol. I did get on the treadmill and did 1.54 miles at 16 mph, staying the the calorie goal. Wednesday: I was able to kind of get up a little early granted was only 5 minutes on the treadmill, but that counts for something in my book, I had coffee in the morning as much as I would love to cut that out I just can't see to do so, I did not totally complete the challenges doing 30 lunges and 45 squats and no arms. So that's not a good day! Thursday: Turkey day! I did a whole 27 squats and 20 lunges. However that does not include the running around to get everything ready to go to my mom's house for work. Surprisingly I stayed well within the calories and did not eat everything on my plate for dinner! So in a way a win situation. Friday: I looks like I didn't do much today again, squats and lunges but not the full amount for the challenges, not a good thing. Did clean my house though for pictures the next day so that has to count for something. Had my cousins staying the night all weekend too. Saturday: I didn't do anything, what-so-ever except clean the house.....again. I stayed in the calories but still was not a good day in any way shape or form. Justin brought home a new protein shake for me. Did weigh in and lost a few ounces, which even though it's not a lot I am still proud, simply because with it being thanksgiving I still lost weight! Sunday: Tried the new shake mix and it is good! Thankfully doesn't have the weird texture when I drink it. The only form of fitness was bowling that evening, another not a good day! Monday: Another not too great day, did stay within the calorie goals, of course, but only did 20 squats and 20 lunges.... DECEMBER 1ST: Today I sat down and looked at my mistakes last month, and have decided a few things. I am going to talk to my husband and make sure he knows what I am trying to do and let him know that I need honest motivation, I need him to tell me to get my ars on the treadmill and put down the bag of m&m's. I have also reached out to my friend to ask her to do the same. I have 145 days until Vegas, I didn't lost but a few ounces last month, and I need need to change that. I am going to push myself very hard this month, I have 5 months to get this done, and I know the dream of 50 lbs is now falling out of reach. As it's already 6 am here, I have already done some squats, but am going to finish the daily challenge get myself back on the treadmill right when I get home so I don't sit and lose motivation. I know I am tired but I can not keep being lazy and putting it off, nothing will change if I do that. so until next week, and hopefully better results! Have a good week my friends.
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