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Day 341

Monday, December 07, 2015

emoticon Yay! I got some sleep last night! Having a hard time waking up this morning. But I'm still going to go at least get 10 minutes of workout in. My knees are doing good so far, let's see how good they are with the workout DVD and all those squats!!

emoticon I've been eating off plan, just a little bit, every day emoticon That stops today. I am going to take steps to make sure I have plenty of food, when I need it to stop myself from going off plan. I'm going to make a veggie bowl and have it on the table ready to go, I've got hummus to go with it if I need a flavor change. I've got a starch to go with my meals, something I've been leaving out and just eating non-starchy veggies. I think that is why I was getting hungry, no starches. Now I have corn soup for dinner and I'm going to make brown rice for lunch. I told DH I need flavor so that I'm not craving something with more of a ... well, flavor. So he's going to get some mahi-mahi or swordfish and fire up the grill. That sure beats a can of tuna, but I have to remember to keep my portion sizes small.

emoticon My back hips are really feeling it today. The workout that I do... I think it is called Fat Burning Fusion, really works out the back hips. Lots of squats!! But I'm imagining what that will do when the weight starts coming off and I can't wait!

emoticon Going to take a before Picture this week. Got a dress that I only wear around the house picked out for the picture, it is something I can wear even when I lose weight. Can't wait to see how much I lose during this Biggest Loser Winter Meltdown! The Fearless Fuchsias are going to do great! I wasn't 100% for the Fall one, but this one I'm really hoping to do great! I'm going to kick my workouts up a notch and workout for over an hour a day, plus move more. Even if I have to take that workout and spread it into chunks throughout the day I want to get to 90 minutes of working out per day. I'm at around 50 minutes right now.

I lost three pounds last week, and thanks to my overeating, I gained it back. I will not make a dish like the lettuce wraps again (think PF Chang's). It's one of those foods that I over eat, so now even if we make it, I will not have any. It's kinda like spaghetti to me, I don't have the control yet to keep myself from overeating it, so I just don't eat it at all. That may sound awful to those of you who have the self control, no problem. But it is what it is. So no food that is not on my meal plan will pass my lips till I gain that control. I know that is going to be a while and probably quite a few pounds from now.

emoticon I finally told DH, no more candy in the house. Yes we are going to put some candy in the kids stockings. But we fill each other's stockings, and I told him absolutely no candy in mine. I don't care if that means it doesn't get filled at all, no candy. I've not yet told him my plan to pack a bento box for Christmas dinner. I don't know how that is going to go over with his family, but I hope he is supportive.

Okay... off to work out, will update when I'm done!

Worked out for 25 minutes... at least that is more than 10 minutes! I'm going to go work out again around 1030. That is when I usually the the hungriest. So maybe working out will help me to fight that food craving. Plus I'll be having breakfast today. I'll have a shake around 0930 and split it with my DD's. They really like it, I make chocolate with strawberries and banana (both frozen so it is nice and cold). I should add that it is a plant protein powder shake. Not just a chocolate one, lol!

I'm glad I don't like gingerbread! Picked up a gingerbread tree and mini houses so the kids can each do two houses by themselves. I'll post pictures when we are done emoticon

I'm feeling revved and motivated, even though I've hit some bumps, I'm not going to stop. I'm going to learn, adapt and keep moving! My goal is to get to where I can run (can't currently because of too much weight on my knees) and do all the nifty 5K's next fall!
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