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Two days until I get a grip. Maybe this is the challenge I've set myself up for.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The latest reviews I'm reading is the Bright Lines, by SPT. Here we go with the brain again.
Stupid brains.
It makes sense. I do fine in my veggie-filled world until someone says "lasagna". Kick out the white stuff; pizza, rolls, ice cream (found it's way back into my freezer after a 6 month hiatus). What makes it work for the 1 in 100 or whatever number the success rate is?
it's all in your head. It's that piece of your brain that makes it work and the piece you keep coming back to when you feel you need to stray. Maybe that piece has a size limitation.

I know a lot about what's in my head. I am an alcoholic. No shame, no guilt, just fact. I stopped drinking to excess a long time ago. Offer me a drink and I can pass it up. "Not my drink"? I can have a rare glass of something and not want or need another. What allowed me to stop self-medicating with alcohol but will not stop me from self-medicating with food? Have I utilized the maximum amount of my brain control portions on this?

But, but, but......It's making sense, again, again and again. The white stuff goes, the veggies take prominence again, again, again and again.

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  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    Good for you. You can do this. It's hard but you can.
    1612 days ago
    The science behind Susan Pierce Thompson's Bright Line Eating and Byron J. Richard's Mastering Leptin clearly indicates that what works for one does not work for all.

    Not only is what we eat important; but, when we eat is also important. What and when we eat throws powerful hormonal switches and like WATERMELLEN shared, will power will not cut it. The evolutionary drive to survive will trump willpower.

    Restoring leptin to natural balance can work wonders! I unwittingly bumbled onto this way of eating through trial and error. I've read two books on leptin in recent weeks. It is clear to me that Susan Pierce Thompson is also aware of this material.
    1615 days ago
    I have been drawn in to the Bright Lines, too... only in typical "me" style, I have to redefine the lines to fit what seems to work for me... but have to admit that in Video 3... the idea about "free time" between the 3 meals... was very appealing.

    Funny how all the programs related to maintenance say the same kinds of things: make it automatic, be tough not moderate, limit or eliminate the "white stuff" (sugar/flour)... and really, really is a source of sanity for me when I do!

    Good luck with your next steps to "get a grip"! emoticon
    1615 days ago
    Although it's true enough that we don't have to drink alcohol to live and we do have to eat food to live . . . we absolutely don't have to eat sugar and flour to live.

    I'm highly susceptible to food addiction, sob sob: both genetically and in terms of environment/stress.

    So guess what? I've gotta avoid the addictive foods, the sugar/flour foods particularly that kick up the insulin in my bloodstream, and make leptin (the "I've had enough, time to get active" hormone) MIA. Then when the pleasure receptors (dopamine) are "thinned out" I've gotta eat more and more and more flour/sugar foods to get the pleasure hit: I become insatiable -- especially if I add in salt and fat, aka potato chips, my particular crack cocaine!

    When I stop eating sugar and flour, the rest of it is much easier. No question, sugar and flour for me trigger intense cravings not readily controllable by willpower (and we all know, willpower is highly overrated and quick to become depleted anyhow).

    Not a moral issue: a brain science issue. For me.

    1615 days ago
    Bright Lines and Beck are like peas in a pod, making perfect sense.
    SPT explains about addictibility, and Brightline Eating as a way to deal with addicitibility. The four bright lines are, in order:
    no sugar
    no flour
    3 meals a day
    quantities - to make sure you eat enough.
    Not rocket science, we can do this
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1615 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    One. Day. At. A. Time.
    for using terminology I didn't recognize (Bright Lines, SPT). Googled and learned!
    1615 days ago
    It's a process, for sure. I'm fighting the candy in the office right now. That's why I'm on Spark - moral support. Today is the first day of my goal to not stray off plan and there are no chocolates on the plan today. We can do it. Like AA, one day at a time.
    1615 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/28/2015 2:29:24 PM
  • GINA180847
    With me it is cookies. Can't leave them alone. Fitbit is driving me crazy today. So much new to learn.

    1615 days ago
    Oh boy, yes, the second (no not even a minute, the SECOND) the white stuff hits the mouth it starts all over . . . craving, guilt . . .. not worth it. As you say, NOT MY FOOD.

    HUGS and we can do this together.
    1615 days ago
    I hate books on brain stuff. LOL. I worked in a neuro intensive care unit for a couple of years. Brains are complex and I like the mechanical part of it better than the mumbojumbo part where Freud/Jung/insert latest psyche guru here, etc. try to make sense of the nonsensical. The difference between being an alcoholic and a foodaholic is that you don't have to drink booze to live. A lot of problems with foodaholics are actually physiological just like being an alcoholic. True addiction is mostly physiological. I's nice to think problems are psychological so we can convince our psyche that we don't love sugar when our "brain" really knows we do. Sugar is addictive. Eating a little often leads to eating a lot. Our blood sugar spikes, it drops, we want more drug. When people actually dare to go on a low carb diet for a couple of weeks the fog lifts and the problem becomes clear. It sounds easy and can be until you smell, see, think about the bread and then the cravings start. Like wanting a drink or a cigaretter. That being said, veggies are good and should be the basis of every diet.
    1615 days ago
    Good for you. You can do this. It's hard but you can.
    1615 days ago
    I have those SPT emails but haven't had time to go look at them yet. Guess I need to do that before she takes them down. That is what happened to me before. I missed the last one. Guess the rest of the Christmas stuff can wait. But then maybe not. I can't rest easy until I get the house completely back to normal.
    1615 days ago
    With me it's potatoes. Any way you make them I can't pass them up. They're my ultimate comfort food. Here's to 2016 being the year to finally kick this thing.


    1615 days ago
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