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4 Little Goals for 2016

Sunday, January 03, 2016

My primary goal for 2016 is to reach a comfortable weight. A weight where I feel healthy. Most would call that an ideal weight and give a specific number. However, I've never been an average size and am not sure what that number should be. I could pick a random number based on what weight charts recommend. But what would that look like and, more importantly, how would that feel? So, I'll wait until I'm lighter before I settle on a number.

To continue moving forward, I asked myself what steps can I take that will help me stay motivated. What can I do to continue the progress I've made? I've decided to take four of the most helpful tools in my toolbox and dedicate my year to using them daily.

1.) I will create a weekly menu. A menu keeps me from mindlessly staring into the refrigerator asking, "What can I make for dinner? Is that cake back there!?" A menu keeps me out of the fast food drive-thru because I have "nothing" to eat. Bonus: a menu saves money and time spent in the grocery aisles!

2.) I will schedule exercise four times a week. I will treat this like any other appointment. Unless it is a real emergency nothing else will be schedules during my workout time. Nothing! This is me time.

3.) I will keep a food journal four days a week. No matter how you track it, electronically or with pen and pencil, a food journal does not lie. Unless you lie to it but that's an entirely different subject...A journal shows where your weaknesses are. Donuts? Mid-afternoon slump? A co-worker in accounting? A food journal is one of the most valuable tools I use. When I use it! It's almost as valuable as:

4.) Support. I will actively seek out and give support to my fellow Spark-lers. During the time I've been with Spark there have been periods when I'm very active and others when I disappear. When I disappear it seems the scale is frozen. This year I will be more active. I feel I not only neglect my Spark teams and friends but myself when i don't actively participate. Creating a support network makes it easier to stay motivated and keep your goals in sight.

These are the smaller goals I'm making to get to my bigger goal, even if I don't have a number for that goal just yet. That final number is more complicated than a reading on the scale or a dress size. I'm working toward optimal health. I want to feel strong. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I'll get there with the help of healthy little habits. They really do add up!
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