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Last New Year Could Have Copied and Pasted!

Friday, January 15, 2016

So I went to my blogs and re-read a blog I wrote last year at this time. In fact, it was the last blog I had written here. And I could have almost rewritten it word for word for this year.

2015 was a good year in many aspects, but not on the weight loss and physical health one!

2015 was good financially, spiritually and friendshipwise! Those are big successes so I don't want to call 2015 a bust. However, I quickly became a non exericser over the year and with it food habits went out the window.

So here I am, not quite to fully starting over, but closer to starting over than I ever thought I'd be. More importantly, I need to grab an attitude that I am starting over. I can't run as fast or as long as I used to, especially with the extra weight. I am starting over from exercising and need not get disgruntled when I'm not where I was. That attitude just makes me stop in general.

So starting out easy and increasing - both in healthy eating and exercise. Jumping in ALL OUT usually burns me out quick.

So again, BLC. Last time, this year, I was basically a non participator. I will admit, I find a lot of the challenges full of tedious tasks. Busy work, not truly productive work for me.But I will pay attention to the exercise and eating portions for certain.

I have a day off today and plan to get on the treadmil. Eating right will be on plan!
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