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Rebel relaxes a bit???

Friday, February 05, 2016

OK then -- didn't mean to imply by yesterday's rebellious blog about mandatory professional education updates that I don't enjoy learning.

I do.

Read constantly. Engage in professional boards. Prepare stuff for others in relation to those boards . . . Attend meetings, provide presentations etc. etc. All helps keep me up to date.

Every year spend many many more hours on self-study than the minimum required by my regulator. Cheerfully, willingly. I am in fact insatiably curious. Intrigued. Engaged. And of course don't want to miss something new that would make a difference for a client.

Not the problem for me, not at all.

It's the frankly insulting presumption that I wouldn't keep up to date unless compelled to do so that annoys me. Upsets me. Irritates me.

I don't shop at Costco. Because (at least here in Canada) every Costco customer is stopped at the door and the receipt checked against items in the cart to make sure that he or she hasn't stolen anything. And -- I would not steal anything anywhere. If the cashier at the convenience store gives me too much change, I return it. (Nothing unusual about that, I know: most people would).

But I won't shop anywhere where the presumption is everyone could be a thief. And I don't much care for the presumption that I need to be compelled to keep up to date with my professional learning.

Not even mentioning that this mandatory professional education costs quite a bit of money. Which of course I pay for myself. And that the mandatory professional education is quite often poorly delivered . . . yesterday, a 10+ minute delayed start, a mumbling presenter who mispronounced key words and was difficult to hear and who seemed unclear on the facts. And that of course I also lose time from doing my own work while I engage in the mandatory professional education: needing to sandwich in responses to people who have urgent concerns during the short breaks . . . . . and staying later than usual to provide more replies at the end of the day.

Whereas my own self-study can and does take place evenings and weekends on my own time and schedule when I don't need to be doing something else. And not even mentioning how awkward and time-consuming entering the required mandatory hours into the regulatory "portal" can be and is. Multiple passwords and "security questions" and then the time entered recorded inaccurately and . . . GAHHHHHH!. Which is why I generally just enter the bare minimum, without recording all the additional stuff I actually do.

But: do I like to learn? Yes yes yes, I believe I mentioned that I do!!! And do I like what I do? Absolutely, hope never to retire.

Actually I guess I'm not as relaxed about this as I thought . . . still rather rebellious. And I can see from responses to yesterday's blog that a number of people here share my unfortunate rebellion!!

Oh well oh well oh well. Did not overeat from stress!! And I've ploughed my way through quite a bit of what I'll need to record for "this year". After which I can continue to get on with what I actually need and want to keep on learning.

The learning part: love it, really.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Like you, I love to learn new things. What I tend to rebell against is required inservice meetings where I know more about the subject than the presenter. I try to find something in the presentation that is new and helpful but it can be so boring. I am retired but my job required lots of training and graduate courses. Many of the courses I could select, so they were interesting. Some of the training was long and tedious. Like you, my classes were required but completed on my own time. Since I usually worked 60-70 hours per week, the classes usually cut into my sleep and weekends. I didn't mind if the topic was relevant and interesting but when it wasn't it made me angry.
    1609 days ago
    1615 days ago
    I always love your blogs and learn something new about your topic or about myself in responding to it. The presenter seems to be less than top notch. I always try to learn at least one takeaway so my time is not wasted, even if it is the opposite.
    1616 days ago
  • _LINDA
    No one gets more hung up or frustrated then me trying to get through security at an airport. I pretty much have to strip down to my skivvies, getting not only wand checked, but physically patted down my whole body with shoes off. But if this nuisance keeps one terrorist from getting through, well that is the new age we live in.
    As for the inconvenience of the tag checking at Costco, if this keeps their prices from going up, I am okay with it. I can also say some of them barely look at the tag and the contents of my cart, they just mark it and move on. I find they have the biggest quantity and best prices in products of any other store I have been to and its worth the trip. They also have products no other store gets. But unfortunately a lot of people engage in five fingered discounts which drive prices up at other places. Electronic tags help with it, but not everything has them.
    Got to admit I get tired of everything always requiring a password and user name online, but more than one for the same site? Too much. Some sites will reject passwords until they feel they are secure enough. I wanted to use the same pw everywhere, but that is considered a bad security risk. Annoying! If someone wants to hack my Sparkpeople account, they would find it very boring lol.
    I have no doubt you love to learn and can absorb a lot. Reading three papers first thing in the morning and putting out a blog before going to work! Amazing! Seems like you should be giving the CE classes!
    1617 days ago
    I think the problem is that SO many professional development programs are redundant, poorly executed, and often quite meaningless for actually doing the job.

    We had one workshop at school where another school gave a presentation about WHY they were going to implement a new reading program. Not what the program WAS. Nor how they would implement it. What they would be doing differently. No, the NEED for the program. This was the high school our middle school fed into. I sat there for 2 hours, working on my own work, trying to figure out WHY they were telling us what we already knew. The students come to us reading at 3rd or 4th grade level. We bring them up to maybe 6th or 7th grade level - rarely get them to 8th or 9th grade level in our 2 year school.

    So why were they telling us what we knew already????? And how did this qualify as professional development?????????

    1617 days ago
    You are an amazing lifelong learner...and teacher, when you summarize, synthesize and share with us, which I so appreciate.
    I have learned so much from you, and often do further reading on suggested topics.

    About the mandatory training sessions- I found them to be less and less helpful as my career wound down. I used to say my tolerance for BS was waning. I did not look forward to a break from my day to day classroom routines anymore. Just let me teach!
    And then my last year or two, they hired a wonderful young man to be our building's math specialist and coach the classroom teachers.
    He was not even born when I started teaching math.
    And I only taught for 28 years!
    I taught him a thing or two.

    1617 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1617 days ago
    I don't even really know you but your blogs tell me you are a person with respectful opinions.

    We have to let some of the "crappy rebellion" out sometimes. I think I get the most rebellious or angry these days because I try not to eat my way through the "bad" feelings. I am very unconfrontational which is not good for eating habits. When I am anxious about practically anything (like sitting through ethics presentations that I admit I don't really listen to) my healthy choices can easily be derailed.

    I admire diligent workers such as yourself in any career or job field. Awesome that you enjoy your work life!

    I am not so driven...but in my younger days (teaching 29 yrs) I was the innovator and entertainer. Now I still provide good material and activities for my students but I'm tired and plan to RETIRE June 2017. I think my life will be plenty full enough to entertain and challenge me.
    1617 days ago
    I can relate to the frustration of record 'keeping' and the fact that continuing education does NOT equal continuing commitment or expertise.
    Have to emoticon when I find things that drive others crazy that don't offend me and my emoticon with my hot buttons.
    1617 days ago
    I feel sorry and pretty angry towards the people that steal whatever their reason. Because of them we all have to pay, but I won't miss going to places because of that. The same happens with airports. Everybody could be a terrorist. And we have to stand all the 'harassment' sometimes just because of our look! Nonetheless, I won't stop traveling. I understand those extra measures.
    1617 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5288236
    I understood that your rebellion wasn't against learning. Unfortunately we have all the requirements and the checking of the receipts because there are those who may not continue learning and stay on top of things in their fields unless forced to and those who might have sticky fingers in the stores. That old saying about a few bad apples spoiling things is true. emoticon
    1617 days ago
    Hmmm...my Costco checks to make sure I am not over-charged or for items that somehow didn't get into my cart from the check-out stand.
    1617 days ago
    Very good points. I totally understand your rebellion... and your love of learning.

    Now I cannot understand why you don't want to retire. Perhaps that is because I was never comfortable doing what I did, although I tried lots of related different things. Always felt like someone needed to do my job, It was important, but painful. I find retired life much, much better, My anxiety is greatly reduced; probably 90% reduced. I get to wear comfortable shoes almost all the time (well, my dancing shoes are not that comfy) and my feet don't hurt like they did for 30 working years. I get to do what I truly want to do, but of course for me that means 60+ hours a week with the granddaughters. Not sure if I'm jealous that you actually enjoy your work or feel sorry for you that you cannot imagine a better retired life!! I bet you would love it if you tried it.

    Keep up the great blogs. Love your perspective.
    1617 days ago
    I never thought about that when I shop at Costco. I have forgotten to get my paid stamps a couple of times - was glad they caught it!!
    1617 days ago
    Rebellious I think is good----- I get that way too when my kids treat me terrible---Anyway, I'm trying to stay away from "Negative" --LOL--Lordy--Its all around us eh?--Lynda
    1617 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I understand your rebellion too and do agree with it, unfortunately, most of it is because of the way OUR WORLD (people) is now....SO many (perhaps not all or even most...I hope) are not this way....but here in MI so many BIG chains have had to close big store because of the theft.

    I hope it doesn't get any worse but I fear it will.

    I hate the presumption as much as you on the record...I am totally honest in ALL things!
    1617 days ago
  • NANCY-
    You? Not expand your horizons... perish the thought. You often share and expand ours.
    Never thought about the shopping clubs that way. then again most stores have those alarms at the doorway. I look at it as loss prevention and it helps to keep my costs down as well as the stores. If you think about it airport security think everyone is a potential terrorist, yet we subject ourselves to screening for the common good.
    1617 days ago
    We have mandatory trainings also..often the same thing year after year on things we already know. Hope you get through your training soon for the year! I understand your rebellion.

    1617 days ago
    I agree. My state doesn't want you to report excess hours, but I usually triple the amount of regular hours required. They are pickier about the professionalism/ethics credits, so those are harder to get. I also hate being forced to do stuff and then having to jump through hoops to get the ethics credits with the limited amount offered at less than absolutely ridiculous prices.
    1617 days ago
    I love learning too .....(and while I said I am retiring) ......... I am retiring from the RAT race I am in ..........But after a few days of needed rest and yes play ........ I plan to have fun searching for a part time (3 days would be great) job .......... a SANE environment ...... and I know they exist where I can still use my skills and so forth) ... I too have to keep up (or did) w/ continued education ........ I think the higher the profession the higher standards ............Oh please may NO one be offended by that) ......... anyway ....... emoticon . Lettuce have a great day! ... lol .....
    1617 days ago
    I've had colleagues "fudge" that they did indeed do the ethics hours for licensure.... So, as a result of those who are much less than honest we are presumed to not want to learn and not want to improve our skills and not want to provide our best for our clients!! And, yes, presumed to be thiefs! I must pay for my own CE too and still do even though I am not practicing as a licensed counselor right now. People.
    1617 days ago
    i hear you on the logging in and confusing tech part. hate it when it messes up... the actual learning is fine!
    1617 days ago
    I envisioned you sitting nicely, in control and at the end hair a mess, collar astray and biting your nails! It's okay, have a cuppa.
    For everyone of us there's another who does the opposite.

    In my field CE is not just a requirement, it's a necessity. Technological changes seem to occur overnight. Biology kicks in quickly...Zika virus is my current worry. Who knew a month ago?

    Yet there are some of my peers who won't crack a book, watch a presentation or attend a seminar unless it's required (or paid for).

    We ARE special!
    1617 days ago
    I understood that it was the mandatory part you objected too, not the learning itself.

    Wow, if our system was that cumbersome and ineffective (at times), I would rebel too.

    I taught for a school system full of rebels. When the morning phase of a scheduled professional development day was horrendous, we had a general uprising with everyone refusing to attend the afternoon session. The principal agreed and the presenter apologized. We were allowed alternative activities instead.

    As for the “treating everyone as a potential thief” attitude, we encounter that more and more.

    Because some people do bad things, we have security cameras everywhere, endure long lines in airports and my photo for my new passport application has a perfect RBF as required. I suppose it’s necessary so it can be scanned by facial recognition software? Thanks for the acronym, by the way.

    1617 days ago
    OH goodness, exactly how I feel. I LOVE learning too . . . always have. My parents called me an egghead when I was growing up. Wore the label proudly. HEE HEE

    You nailed it saying it's the presumption that the learning wouldn't happen if it wasn't mandatory that grinds my gears too. But I do it.

    And yes it sure is costly. Both DH and I spend quite a lot to keep up our professional licenses.
    1617 days ago
    PD can be frustrating if not relevent and/or poorly delivered. Your internal drive to self improvement is awesome but from my experience is unlike the mindset of most employees who don't have that drive.
    1617 days ago
  • KDAVIS836
    You are awesome. You better not shop at Walmart either.
    1617 days ago
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