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taking the stairs

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Down 1.3lb, alcohol units 11, water 7, calorie range days 3, fitness 6, participation 5, me 5, gratitude 1 (watching the swans that the river is named after).

There are four levels in our building, and I'm required to unlock and lock the meeting room doors on levels one to three. I used to go to each floor and unlock the rooms, but now I am going straight on up to the third floor (6 flights of 12 steps), then working my way down to unlock the doors. I do this again when it is time to lock them up in the afternoon.

Going up the six flights of steps all at once is challenging - at the moment. I am definitely out of breath by the time I get to the top.

See this list for other ideas to "Get Fit on the Go" www.sparkpeople.c
. I can add to this list:

emoticon use a small water bottle, so you need to get out of your seat to fill it up more often from the water fountain, and

emoticon rather than send an email for colleagues to collect an item from me on the ground floor, I will take it up to give to them on either the first, second, third floor, or fourth floor.

Today, I officially accepted the nomination to be the Staff Health & Wellbeing Advocate for our area. It is an unpaid role that involves communicating to staff the heath and wellness services available at the university. In addition, we can propose our own initiatives and obtain support from the Health and Wellness office. So I'll be putting on my thinking cap and talking to my colleagues about what we need and or want to become a healthier workplace
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