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Valentine's and Other Sweet Surprises

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

As I returned from the grocery store on Sunday, there on the counter waiting for me was a box of chocolates and an array of cards from my husband and our two little ones. I stopped dead in my tracks and honed in on the pretty red heart Russell Stover's box. I love chocolate...especially chocolate covered caramels. I knew there were caramels in there-there always is. I groaned inwardly just knowing this would be a little more temptation than I was capable of overcoming.


He and the kids were napping, so I pretended not to see it. I figured I would make the discovery some time after they woke up. Each pass by the counter, however, prompted a longing look in the direction of the pretty red box. Stupid chocolate. Stupid, yummy, melty, caramely, chewy, gooey, chocolate. Argh.

Finally, my son woke and promptly informed me I hadn't opened my special valentines they left me...the big poster with hand and footprints that spelled out "LOVE", the "Owl always love you" red and pink owl card he'd made at preschool, the red envelope from my husband, and the blissfully evil red heart-shaped box. I smiled and got up from the couch so I could go and see my valentines. Inside my head, I quickly did a calorie count, just knowing it was blown for the day.

I looked at each card carefully and paused as I reached the chocolates. Jaxon (my little boy) said "Mommy, aren't you going to open your chocolates?" I quickly went through all of the different responses in my head:

"You'd like that wouldn't you-NO! They're all mine!"

"Yes, because apparently daddy wants me to gain 4 pounds this week."

"No, not until...well, NEVER. An open box is more temptation than mommy can take right now."

Instead, I said "Oh wow...yummy! Look what.." and I stopped abruptly mid-sentence when I picked up the box. It was far too light to be full of chocolates. Hmm. I spent a moment not sure of whether or not I was relieved I would not have the temptation or ticked that someone had apparently eaten my scrumptious chocolates. I pulled the plastic off and lifted the box top....all of that melted away. Inside the box were four small chocolates and in the spaces where the other chocolates USED to be was a brand new FItBit.

When it was all said and done, I got to enjoy a few chocolates without going over on my calories for the day and got a new amazing tool to help me reach my goals. What a sweet surprise!

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