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let them eat cake [BLC30 Week 4]

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Down 1.5lb, alcohol units 13, water 7, calorie range days 6, fitness 6, participation 4, me 4, gratitude 1 (the wind was on my back when I cycled to work today).

We over-catered for some events over the last couple of days. There were mini tarts, or larger cakes cut into small pieces. I'm not really a cake person, but I did have a pecan tart the first day and a banana toffee pastry thing the second day. The third day was a no cake day. So I made up plates of goodies to take to the various teams that I liaise with around campus.

The cakes were very well received and I got to put some faces to names as I only have only spoken to them on the phone and by email. I also got some extra steps in, so I made my goal of 12,500 steps today.

However, I did have a chuckle to myself as I walked out. Having accepted the Staff Health & Wellbeing Advocate role last week, and here I am walking around campus distributing cake! Oh well, it's the thought that counts. Besides, I consider cake an indulgence or sometimes food. They can choose to or not eat cake.

I did pretty well this last week except for incorporating more stretching or strength exercises. So that is my goal for the upcoming week. Keep doing what I'm doing, and do some strength exercises.
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