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Miscellaneous long (here's your warning) thoughts. A busy week and I found more pounds!

Friday, March 04, 2016

Anyone remember the Muppet Show segment about Rowlf the dog trying to get the cat to leave and it kept coming back? Something exploded during the segment.
(the Muppet version of the song)
And the cat came back
He wouldn't stay away
He was sitting on the porch the very next day
The cat came back
He didn't want to roam
The next day it was home, sweet home!

My pounds are like that.
I ask them to leave, they do, then they come back.
I gave away my "fat" dress pants and other clothes to charity last week. First because they were way too big last time I wore them and secondly, since my life has changed so much, when was I going to dress up? The clothes had sat in a bag for months.
I'm on my way to a funeral this morning, driving 2 hours one way, in a snow storm, in clothes that are too tight!
To go to the funeral of my brother's father in law of 30 years. Pop enjoyed 92 years and fell asleep in his favorite chair and never woke up. To be with people I haven't seen in 4 or 5 years. Without DH and needing to explain over and over what happened. This will be a most awkward day and I am there 100% to help my bro.
His divorce was supposed to be finalized next Tuesday!

DH is doing very well in his PT sessions. He was able to lift his own foot over the side of the pool this week. They've set him up for land exercises. While he was lying on the table, trying to do leg lifts, he decided he needed to hold my hand and got all smiley and schmoosy; telling me how wonderful I was. Don't make me cry, bud!

SIL2 is DH sitting so I can go and will helping the nurse with the weekly treatments. DD2 is working, missing the fun. SIL2 loves to eat and I am enjoying feeding him. He had his first "Philly" cheesesteak last night, along with a NJ Italian hot dog. I hadn't been to the deli since last year and the first thing the cook asked when he saw me was where was DH? Hand over heart he told me to bring him in no matter what. I almost cried.
SIL declared he has to take me some place for a "proper" fish and chips today. The last thing I need is fried foods!

DD1 is advised to NOT go into labor while I'm gone although I will be home in time to watch the kids if she does. SIL2 volunteered to stay with me if it happens as I'll be a bit tired.
Great, what a sleepover that would be!

SIL1 is having a few of his own meltdowns. He's dealing with DD1, got a promotion at work and has to take care of the two boys and all the household stuff. He doesn't know how to ask for help (either) and I keep trying to do little things for them.

This week I had some health issues that need followed up and timing stuff is becoming annoying with all DH's and DD1's stuff. Neither SIL2 nor DD2 drive so, no help there. But, they can "baby" sit if I can schedule things around their work hours.

AND, I bought cookies.

Do you think I'm finally going to have that good cry?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GINA180847
    Dear Janet, you keep ticking no matter what happens. Things will settle down eventually.
    1489 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself xxx
    1489 days ago
    My goodness you have a lot going on. I hope you get some time to take care of yourself. I am always amazed at the great advice our SP friends have to offer. This is such a wonderful community of people. Hang in there please.
    1490 days ago
    1491 days ago
    That Dawg gave good advice. Say he's feeling poorly, move right along. People would rather talk about themselves anyway.
    Your brother will be glad to have you close at hand. And you could do with a hug from DB, too.
    If you start to cry while driving, pull over and take as long as you need. Make sure you have extra makeup for a repair job.
    As for the cookies, ask SiL to attend to them in your absence. I know he has a place for them.
    And the fish and chips - eat with mushy peas for extra health benefits!
    1491 days ago
    I kept my fat clothes and am in them. LOL. Actually they are so worn out no one would want them and I won't buy new fat clothes. So soon I will be braless, shirtless, pantiless, and pantless. Cover your eyes! I can't stand tight clothes so I must lose more weight. Have to.

    Pop knew the best way to exit this world. It is how my childhood best friend's mom died too. They came home and found her in her chair with a cup of coffee sitting by her side. I'm glad you will be there supporting your brother.

    You are wonderful. No doubt about it. You take all of your roles seriously and do your best for the people who are blessed to be in your life.

    I love fish and chips. They are mandatory for people of my ancestry. Fish is my favorite protein. Now eat your fish and chips from SIL2! Smack down on them. Nom, nom, nom.

    Your kids have their hands full!!

    Re the cookie comment - no one is allowed to just say, " I bought cookies.".................What kind of cookies??? This kind of stuff matters! We need a visual here. We need to experience what you are going through. I bought cookies too....................I have been sick for over a week. I'm wimpy and needy. First cookies I've had in a long time. Interested as to what kind? - they were chunky chocolate chip. I should have gone for some foofoo bakery cookies.

    1491 days ago
    Wow! Thought you were retired?? Doesn't sound like you would have time to go to a job! I hope being out with family today,m brings you some peace.
    1491 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16110307
    1491 days ago
    What a week,eh? (I can hear you thinking... what a life!) Your resilience and humor are amazing. emoticon
    1491 days ago
    Good cries are cleansing. I keep thinking I need to have a good cry but the tears won't come. I cry over TV shows or movies, soppy songs, but when I want to just get everything off my chest I'm dry as a bone. I guess I want to hold on to it for awhile longer. *sigh* It's good for you to get away for a few hours even if it is to a funeral. It sounds like a celebration of a life well lived. To die in your sleep after 92 years in your favorite chair. Isn't that how all of us would like to go?


    1491 days ago
    You ARE wonderful: there's no question about it.

    And it's hard work being wonderful Consistently. Day in, day out. Prioritizing every one's needs but your own: and their needs ARE undeniably urgent priorities.

    OK to cry. Absolutely.

    (Sorry about those darn tight dress pants: it happens -- "dress" occasions surprise us and it's a miserable sensation. Still glad you threw out the two-biggies because soon they will be too-big again, truly!)
    1491 days ago
    Oh Janet, you never cease to amaze. Like if I show up, I want a Philly cheesesteak cause I am betting it is a yum if you make it. You are beyond the best in taking care of those that mean the most to you. None can question how you feel about them. Now to get Janet somewhere on your list...cookies aren't the problem, or the solution. If you must, just buy one and not a bunch...annnnnnnnnd a good cry sounds like exactly what you need! Hugs and prayers for you and yours...be safe in that wonky weather!
    1491 days ago
    emoticon And funerals are great places to get that good cry out. No one will thing the worse of you, they'll just say you have a tender heart. Hang in there, and know you're loved and prayed for.
    1491 days ago
    OH boy, oh boy, oh boy! It’s like the danged fat cat is on a leash . . . more like a bungee cord. It gets only so far away and gets “lonely.” Only WE’RE not lonely for fat cats return! **SIGH**

    So very sorry to hear about the passing of your brother’s FIL . . . and the rest of the saga too. Life gets too danged complicated sometimes, doesn’t it. **SIGH**

    Glad to hear of DH’s PT progress. May it continue! And yeah, they have a way of making is get all mushy at inconvenient times, don’t they!

    Sounds like EVERYONE is trying to make you cry. That deli owner sounds like a peach.

    Had coffee in my mouth reading “DD1 is advised NOT to go into labor while I’m gone . . .” Laughing out loud with coffee in the mouth creates a mess! I have this mental picture of DD1 telling the little peanut those instructions. DANG, but kids have their own agenda even in the oven, don’t they!

    Well, sending MAJOR hugs. Sweetie, your plate is WAY full. I think we both need to downsize on the plates!

    Last word of advice: Step awaaaaaaaaaay from the cookies . . . S-L-O-W-L-Y . . . back away. LOL

    1491 days ago
    Yikes! & here I thought I'd have my epic weepfest in the saddle (but didn't) Brain still tired, not processing well but can't comprehend adult people who can't drive? (In TX U could never manage well w/out vehicle) Safe travels - I'll post blog soon!
    1491 days ago
    Ugh. Your are in for the long haul, Sister Janet. Yet you still keep your sense of humor. The choir is here to listen, sing songs of love and support, maybe a joke or two. Wear a long sweater over those too tight slacks and unbutton your top button. And you can just tell the folks at the funeral that DH is not feeling well and leave it at that. You are there to pay respect and you can redirect to that. You can also show up a little late and go outside to get away when it is busy.
    1491 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/4/2016 6:05:04 AM
  • KDAVIS836
    Hang in there.
    1491 days ago
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