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So, how was your weekend? Mine was a blur, full of love and GD is still in the oven!

Monday, March 07, 2016

There were many things said in my house this weekend:
2 year old:
Open the cabinet.
I wanna see.
Pop pop sleeping.
I need more, no BIG more craisins! (accompanied with lots of whine)
I want ipad.
I want trucks.
I love you
I want, I want, I want.

5 year old was all:
No, I don't need a tissue...now
Can I have your ipad?
I'm the best
I beat you
I love you
I have the greatest scores
I don't have to go to the bathroom (accompanied by the bathroom boogie)

Pop pop was all:
Could you get me...insert things he shouldn't eat here...
I love you
You are the best

Don't touch that
What's in your mouth
No jumping on the couch
Don't eat the duck feather (Ick!)
Please finish one and you can have your...
I love you guys!

How to sleep on the floor when you want Nana's bed instead of your own.

Under the trundle. I knew this would happen which is why I kept to the floor nest. Eventually he found his way out from underneath.

Whoever invented nighttime pull-ups for growing and learning children has my affection.

Two kids with two entirely different interests plus a nana who needs to run and chase kids makes for some exhaustion. We pulled up to the park compound where the animals were. It's also the storage area for the large equipment.

Trucks! Bulldozer! Excavator!

Peacock! Goats! Pigs!
Why are those chickens fighting? (because it's spring)

They're keeping DD1 in the hospital and they knocked her out to allow her to get some sleep and freedom from pain for a while. Apparently rules about C sections before 37 weeks. Unless mom or baby are endangered (GS2 was) you can't have the surgery unless you meet certain requirements. That doesn't include contractions every 3 minutes for 4 days and a mom who is in pain!
If she were a normal delivery they would have induced her and gotten it over with.

The boys went home with their dad, I got 5 hours solid sleep before waking at 3 am and here it's Monday!


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