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SO this is why people freak out

Friday, April 15, 2016

Edit:Thanks everyone for your support and comments! I feel better now and will carry on.

Hello crew...for those who don't know me, I am Jan and have been here for 6 years. I am a normally positive person and losing 70 pounds for me was pretty easy actually. Then life happened and blah blah... (insert cry baby noises here) and I gained it back. ALL of it.
I have stayed with one toe in the water here as it is my lifeline and I have gained so much knowledge but mostly my friends are too important to throw away like candy wrappers.

Anyway, this week, after a hard weekend, I started tracking again. I got on the scale, honestly put what I weighed and have been faithfully eating well and tracking. I know myself and know I need to start slow and not pressure myself. I have gone to bed hungry. I had salad for dinner (not a crappy salad either, it had chicken and black beans and stuff and I liked it) but still it was salad. I said no to things. I was "good". I Mean, I made a whole damn turkey! (Oh yea, you should know I am a big brat and always want what I want).

So today and here is the FREAK OUT part, I get on the stupid scale and I gained 2 pounds.

Do not tell me it is water
Do not tell me not to freak
Do not give me the spark advise I already know because I have said the same things to people for 6 years!

I KNOW ALL OF IT and it still TICKS me off. I will be fine and I know I will drop weight when I work the program. But for now, I am stomping my foot and being annoyed. That is all.
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