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How I lost my weight

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I have been over weight all of my life and only after joining WW have I lost the weight. I weigh and count EVERYTHING! I have a semi active job being a childcare provider; during nap time I run intervals on my treadmill for 50 minutes everyday covering 4.5 miles. In the evening I walk with my mom going about (3.5 mph) for another 60 minutes. This equates to 10 points of exercise earned (on Weight Watchers) a day.

As to points, I have 26 points a day and don't use many (if any) of the extra 49 points that are given to eat during a week. If I eat some of the extra points its mostly Saturday as I try to give a little bit of a break one day a week. On a typical day during the week I eat egg whites with vegetables and 2oz of lean meat for breakfast; a can of Progresso lite soups and some fruit for lunch; at dinner I eat 4oz of protein, 3/4cup of pasta or rice or potato, and lots of veggies. I eat fruit and veggies through out the day as snacks. For dessert I enjoy microwave popcorn with Parmesan cheese on it, or 3/4 cup cereal or some goldfish crackers. On average I eat between 1200-1500 calories a day.

My body likes a higher protein, low carb diet with LOTS of exercise. This is how I lost my weight. now that I have reached my goal at WW I am now trying to just maintain. This is difficult to as I am so afraid of gaining anything. I find myself still doing the same dieting techniques but adding more proteins and a bit more carbs.

I think weight loss is a total mind set, and sometimes even selfish. I don't care if I am going to be first, I want to loose this weight more than anything. I AM FIRST! I AM WORTH THE WAIT! and if people don't like it it's too bad. I think about loosing weight all the time and make choices all the time. I play mind games like "I've eaten it and it tasted good, when I haven't had a bite" or take 2 bites and put the rest in water. I ask myself "is the food I'm about to eat worth the exercise I need to do".

Oh by the way, I did the blood test too and unless they are doing an extensive panel for the thyroid looking for why your not loosing weight, it won't show up because the averages are too vague. This what I was told by my doctor and we did the extensive test and I'm still normal... Keep up the work and eventually your body will decide to loose the weight because you are stronger than the food.
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