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Splurge Days

Monday, May 16, 2016

I have noticed that a popular question that a lot of new people ask is, "What are your thoughts on splurge days?" I have asked it myself when first starting out here. I have also noticed, a lot of people will tell newbies that splurging is a horrible idea. I heard the same thing as well. They say some stuff along the lines of, "As long as I stay in my calorie range, I'll eat a cookie or piece of cake [or whatever they have a craving for]." or "It'll mess up your whole week."

Both points of view on splurge days are valid. It really just depends on the person and their state of mind. I have been on both ends; not having enough self control to just stick to one day, and being able to indulge without going crazy. This time around I found that splurge days have in fact helped me... though they may not be helpful for everyone.

My husband and I are FOODIES! Most people, when they plan a vacation, they look at tourist stuff, landmarks, etc... Husband and I look at the food! Because I have had such a dependent relationship with food, I decided about 3 weeks into my journey that I HAD to have a splurge day or I would never make it. I will always recommend a splurge day to those that can handle it, and be smart about it.

But like so many things, splurge days have their expiration date. As I said before, I HAD a dependent relationship with food. Not so much anymore. After months of doing a Splurge Saturday... I have found that I just eat things on Saturday just to eat them. Mainly out of fear of wanting them through the week and not having the strength to deny them to myself. Following Splurge Saturday I have had to deal with Guilty Sunday. Because my body isn't used to burgers and fries, or cookies and cupcakes, or food from the Mexican restaurant, two things usually happen. 1) My body hates me in the morning. Heartburn from hell... and a feeling of lead in my stomach. 2) Bloat weight. So, with the consequences of Saturday rolling around and the Saturday eating habit showing it's scary little face off, I feel it's finally time to put my weekly Splurge Saturday away. I may start doing one every other week or one once a month. I'm going to see how skipping the first Saturday works and decide what's best for me from there.

But anyway.

I do want to give a shout out to splurge days. They have helped me stay accountable throughout the week. I haven't "cheated" any because I know that if I really, really want it bad enough, I can wait until Saturday. Of course, by the time Saturday comes I don't want it anymore, but I didn't feel denied. It has helped so, so much. But it came to a head, and it's not so much helping anymore as it is hurting.

As I said... I recommend splurge days to newbies. Most definitely. It has taught me self control... and feeling like crap on Sunday mornings from eating stuff you're not used to let's you know how much your body really is changing, even if you can't see the weight go away, you can feel a difference in your health. Just always know, that the splurge day, as wonderful as it is, can NOT last forever. It's a wonderful stepping stone to a better you. To a you that can go day to day without being food's lackey. You'll know when your splurge day has expired the day you wake up and realize that habit has taken over again.

So in closing, so long weekly splurge day! It's been real and it's been fun! I loved you for so long, but it's time for us to get some distance. One step at a time, and slowly but surely, you'll be weened from my life until you're just a distance memory that I visit on holidays or random date nights with Husband that doesn't include sushi. :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm doing what I feel is best for me, which as I wrote will either be ever other week or monthly. If people can go from now until forever having a splurge day, great! But I feel like since everyone's body is different they should choose what works.
    1714 days ago
    Why not dial the "weekly splurge day" back to a bi-weekly or monthly day? Or, how about a weekly splurge meal? I get the psychology of your perspective..... However, I think that a new "lifestyle" is what most of us need. Moderation is part of it.
    1714 days ago
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