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05/18/2016 it's about time I brain dump all this gathered nutrition information

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

this isn't complete or necessarily in order or cohesive but it was about time I got it written down instead of floating around in the murky chemical abyss of my brain.

Water intoxication causes lots of problems, perhaps more so than dehydration because it mom's dehydration. And in this world of constant reminders to drink more water, stay hydrated, refuel, replenish, recharge, etc.... It's really easy to get my system all out of whack.

The symptoms are intense and they vary, seemingly depending upon what I've ingested or been around. Sometimes I get really lethargic, sometimes extreme sweating, bright red flushed, tired, incoherent, unable to move or talk, confused, dizzy, thirsty, etc. I haven't had an appetite in a long time. I haven't peed anything but clear in months. I get extremely dry skin and itchy hives that look like various poison rashes. Needless to say the doctors that actually take time to listen and run some tests have no clue and it's especially difficult to continue to find an answer when the tests (blood, urine, skin, glucose, pressure, scopes, scans, and more) indicate there's nothing wrong and results are within normal range.

And did I mention I'm on this roller-coaster roulette of debilitating symptoms all day every day with maybe a few minutes strung together here and there and cycles are usually about 20 minutes in length before a new wave of symptoms take over. Yeah, it's not fun.

Things I have researched: thyroid, pituitary, hormones, histamine, allergies, pollution, iron, potassium, diabetes, fibromyalgia, spondylitis, arthritis, most every medication I've ever been on (tons and tons), Ehlers-Danlos, Cushing's, irritable bowel, blood pressure, yoga, pilates, ADHD, borderline personality disorder, communication, healthy nutrition, walking, etc...

Of course, since I only get a few functional moments strung together and even more rare for me to be able to think clearly and process what I've read and try to remember and draw conclusions about all the info... (exhausted yet?) ... there's also the added complication of a lot of conflicting information. It all boils down to figuring out what specifically happens in me, works for me or against me, and figuring out a somewhat consistent plan of attack.

This research has taken me years and isn't easy. It definitely takes more patience than I sometimes have. And every moment of every day is a new chaos because we are all just chemical reactions and subject to persuasion by our surroundings.

One if the toughest things to accept in all this is having to use the trial and error method if discovery. One food or beverage or activity that works one day may not worn later that day or the next day. It's maddening.

For me I know that I'm allergic to pressure (dermatographism) and it's made worse by heat and pollution. I'm not allergic to the grass, ragweed, pollen, nits, shells, dander and such but extremely aggravated to the air pollution caused by cars, trucks, manufacturing, lawnmowers, etc... If I'm agitated or stressed out then I'm more susceptible to hives and itching bc my histamine levels are raised. Some foods can trigger histamine release and there are foods to help manage histamine naturally. fixyourdigestion.


I know from one of my scopes that I do not have celiac disease but I definitely don't function well with some food items like bread, rolls, and dumplings.

I switched to purified bottled water thereby avoiding the hard tap water. Hard water contains calcium, magnesium, lime, and such that wreak havoc on my body. It's actually somewhat common (atopic eczema) but I don't think most people attribute it to their tap water.

I'm really limiting caffeine intake because it screws up (like static noise does on a radio or TV) the positive effects of my Adderall.

I make sure to get up from whatever I'm doing every hour and stretch and walk around for a few minutes. It helps my body and brain.

I'm not paying attention to the clock anymore. And I'm not forcing myself to finish or only focus on something if it isn't critical. I'm allowing myself to do what I want when I am able. Even if that means I carry one item to room A and get distracted and leave it in room B but carry a different thing to room C and so forth. Eventually thru the day if flitting from task to task to task I get all the things done and in their place. All of that helps me stay calm, happy, productive, active, not stressed, I can focus better bc I'm not stressed out over how long it took to do something or that I didn't finish something completely yet. Now of course that works for things that aren't super critical or specific timed deadline (both of which I try to avoid these days).

I'm walking more than ever. Having an active puppy really is beneficial in that regard. It really helps to keep blood flowing and lugs and heart functioning better. The sweating can be good for mental awareness and skin appearance as well.

I'm starting to do lymph self massages because a lot of the swelling and heaviness and fatigue is from swollen lymph nodes (like when sick and sides of neck are tender and sore but all my nodes throughout my body get that way).

Slow even stretching like in yoga or pilates helps with tension, flexibility, attention, and mood.

I am eating more bananas, eggs, cheese, avocado, cottage cheese, pretzel chips, hummus, Greek yogurt, salami slices, popcorn, beans, sunflowers, pumpkin, cashews...

I have figured out to eat more per each time I eat instead of small snacks/grazing all day which is what I used to think helped me maintain energy.

I used to drink a 20oz bottle of water in a few gulps multiple times a day. One of the better all day physically functional days I've had I hadn't drank or eaten much and it was the first time I didn't pee clear in months. Obviously it isn't healthy but it helped me figure out that my water poisoning has continued all this time. With all the beverages I drank I was constantly flushing out all the vitamins and minerals my body needs.

So now I'm trying to just sip a few ounces throughout the day. Yes sometimes I'm really thirsty but I think my body is finally starting to release some of the water it's been retaining. I don't feel as rundown all the time.

If I'm sweating profusely hen instead of sipping a carbonated drink I eat a cheese cube or something with a lot of calcium.

If I'm itching then I eat some cashews or pretzel chips. Sometimes I'll mix a few grinds of pink himalayan salt into a few ounces of water and drink it. That seems to help me more than Gatorade products or a Monster.

--- even though I've stressed myself out today by doing a bunch of things that weren't the timed deadline thing I need to be doing... I am proud of myself for getting the things done that I have done. it's time to eat dinner and watch a silly movie so that maybe I can relax and focus.
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    You have had a rough go, but as you are figuring things out, it will get better. Keep figuring out what works for you!
    1798 days ago
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