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Day 515/Shabby Chic

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Still out with the left knee/thigh pain. I was so busy with sick kids yesterday that I didn't notice it or remember to stretch, so it is hurting this morning. Going to see the doc today though, so maybe she can tell me what I've done to my leg!

Both kids are sick, though youngest is a bit worse off, she's really having a rough time. As in, I was afraid we were going to have to take her to the ER last night she had gotten so bad. But this morning her fever is down (I set an alarm to get up in the middle of the night to give her meds) and I'm keeping a tylenol schedule instead of just giving it when she needs it. Must stay ahead of the fever! Hopefully she will only take a few days to recuperate, it's a sunshiny week and I want them to be able to have fun!

I finally picked a project to do. Or two. I've found some totes that look easy to do, so I'm going to give them a try. DD that is doing it with me expects me to show her how to do everything. She hasn't watched the instructional videos with me or anything. I told her I'm new at this too, I can't teach you what I don't know. You have to pay attention! But she didn't. She's all excited about sewing, but doesn't want to take the time to actually learn how to do it. Then she may have to wait till she is a little older to try sewing. That way I'll already know how and can show her. I don't know. I'm going to try to get her to work with me, but if she can't then I'm not going to make it more frustrating for me. This is my new hobby, I don't want it to become something I dread because she is so... frustrating.

I'm still really exciting about learning to sew. You should see my Pinterest board, LOL. I discovered a fashion that I really love, it's called shabby chic. Wow. DH says it's like late 18th century England peasant. I LOVE it. It's not something you could wear all the time, but I simply adore it. It's probably very silly, but I think it is so beautiful and fun. Below is the first picture of shabby chic that caught my eye.

Beautiful isn't it? That one is a little dressy. Most of them I would alter a little, and the tops can be worn with jeans to make it a little more every-day-wear.

The other style I'm in love with is 1940's/30's dresses. Wow. So. Much. Fun. The there is The Dress. I picked it out years ago, so it is not the latest fashion. But I still think it is really pretty and would love to have a dressy date with DH in it emoticon

What does this have to do with weight loss? Well, I don't think I'd look very good in either style at this size! You have to have a skinny waist to pull of the 1930's dresses. And shabby chic is about layers, at this size I would look like a peasant stay-puffed-marshmallow. This is motivation. I really want to make myself a new wardrobe. Make, not buy (okay, I'd buy some). In order to do that I have to do two things. One, learn how to sew really well, and two lose the weight! I've found new motivation to lose weight in sewing. All the really cool patterns don't come in plus sizes. I'll have to learn how to upsize everything till I lose the weight... unless I buckle down and lose this weight this year. Do mostly projects or sewing for my kids until I lose the weight and then start making my own wardrobe.

This may be the motivation that finally has me eating right as well as exercising. I'm so enamoured with these two styles, I'd love to have clothes that would fit me right that are these styles. But it is going to take dedication, I'm going to have to really learn that failure does not equal finished. I'm going to fail at this. I'm going to have projects that come out looking like a two year old did them, not every project will be successful. But I have to pull out my seam ripper and start over. The same goes with weight loss. Not every day is going to be a complete success. I'm going to have bad days and sick days, and bloated days. I need to learn to not let that derail me and pick myself up and keep on trucking. FAILURE DOES NOT EQUAL FINISHED!! This is something I need desperately to remember and put into practice. I'm going to fail, just a fact of life. I'm perfectly imperfect. I'm not going to get everything just right. I need to let go of my perfectionism and just be unapologetically me.

emoticon Have a spark-tastic day, my friends! emoticon

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