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Day 517/ Small Tote

Friday, June 10, 2016

emoticon I've come down sick. Now everyone in the house is sick. Boo. At least I don't have the cough that the kids have. Poor things, they sound awful. I'm taking my vitamins and extra Juice Plus and vitamin C. I hope I don't get any worse. Taking the kids back to the doctor today since Monday the doc didn't do anything. Waste of time and money.

So, on to my first sewing project, the small tote! I'm going to make several totes and maybe make them bigger. I need to either make or buy material for the handles before I can make any more. Below is the fabric I bought. I love the patterns and they both go great with the dark brown, which I'm using for the inside of the tote. The fabric is very thick, a canvas type fabric. Had to get heavy duty needles and thread to go with it.

Then I let DD pick which fabric we were going to use and cut out the pattern we would need. I used a piece of cardstock I cut to size. I sewed each side individually before I sewed them all together. Just an extra bit of sewing to make sure that it is a strong tote.

Then, voila! My tote emoticon It's so cute, I love it. And it took less time and was easier than I thought it would be:

emoticon Why was this so hard to sew the last time I tried to learn a few years ago? Yes, my machine is fidgety, but I finally figured out what it was doing... or at least got it working again. I sewed straight lines with no problem, why was it so difficult to do so last time? This time it was so much easier to do. I had problems, yes, but they were mostly machine problems. I even basically made my own design, I took two totes that I saw patterns for and put them together to make this one. And it came out great. Lily even got half of hers done yesterday too (machine problems so we didn't get it all done). We should get it finished today and start working on how we are going to do the next tote. I'll probably have to hand make the straps, I didn't buy anywhere near enough of the material I used on this one. I want to make a really big tote, like one I could take to the beach.

And yes, I got so engrossed in my sewing, I didn't even think about snacking or even eating dinner until I had to make some for the kids. It is fun and my mind gets so focused on what I'm doing, but not to the point where I can't concentrate on the kids too. I love it. I was sad I didn't have another project to work on right away. So today I'm going to look up how to make your own straps and see if I can't do that and make a bigger tote today. I don't want to have to wait till I can afford to go back to the craft store.

And, if I were selling things like this, we figured it would be between $20-$25 for this little tote. Since I had to buy all new thread, needles, fabric, plus my time (giving me minimum wage). I think that is a bit steep, but it's made of some really sturdy fabric. I wonder if anyone would be willing to pay that for this little tote? No idea, but I'm not making stuff to sell just yet, so it doesn't really matter. Yet emoticon

emoticon But most importantly, I had a good time making it. I'll probably gift it to my best friend with some goodies inside of it. She'll like that. And hopefully she'll like the tote!

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