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Day 520/ Shabby Chic

Monday, June 13, 2016

Feeling a little better today. I may get on the treadmill later, depending on how I feel. I got up too late to walk this morning, my fitbit alarm did not sync for some reason, so going to have to try to fix that today. I love my fitbit alarms. DD still has her cough and is not feeling as great as she normally does, she fell asleep last night around 7 on the couch. So cute. But that clues me in that she doesn't have the energy that she normally does.

No more sugary breakfast cereal! I've informed my kids that we are no longer buying sugary cereals for breakfast. None. (DH then informed me he eats it so we have to buy some for him emoticon ). It's not a good way to wake up your body, with all that sugar. So regular cereal, oatmeal, grits, eggs, sausage, biscuits, things like that will be our breakfast. Not super sugary O's, or whatever. I'm putting my foot down. DH can hide his cereal in his office.

I've found a site that sells patterns for Shabby Chic style (so hard to find!)!!! Tina Givens is the name that sells them. The down side? I'll have to buy several different patterns for the look that I'm looking for, they don't have the specific look that I want. And the patterns are expensive. But still, I'm so happy I found it! On of the things I've discovered looking on Pinterest is that some people think that shabby chic means wrinkly linen. It does not.

It means layers and an old late 1800's England style. I love it, it is so quaint but pretty.

And it doesn't have to be drab, you can add a pop of color and brighten it up.


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