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Day 535/Spoon Theory

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On yesterday's blog I was way too tired/out of it and it came out weird yet funny. I thought perhaps it was too much for on here (although it is a short blog) it is on my site, crouchingflea.com if you are really interested.

On to the spoon theory! It's defined in yesterday's blog but here goes, the spoon theory is about how much energy/ability to do things you have in any given day, measured in spoons. Some people have an infinite amount of spoons and can do all the things. Those of us with chronic illness or mental illness or disabilities have a limited number of spoons to use each day and some days have less than others. Yes, it is a real thing: en.wikipedia.org

Last night DH asked me if I would giggle if he put a bunch of spoons on my night stand (because yesterday I had zero spoons). He didn't, but he may have said something about buying a huge thing of plastic spoons and scattering them throughout the house so that I would have plenty of spoons... LOL

Yesterday's spoon shortage was so bad I didn't work out. I did eat right (mostly). DH finally made the black beans and rice only he added a rue (spelling?) to it and thickened it too much which overwhelmed the shrimp so he added summer sausage. So basically it is a big pot of nope. It's tasty, but not what I wanted. The last black beans and rice had sausage but was light and refreshing, this is something for a very cold Winter night, not the middle of a heat wave in Summer. But I didn't tell him that, I complimented it and ate some. I can't have much of it, too calorie dense. He recommended putting it on my bell peppers and onions that I love to roast... Nope. That would ruin my roasted veggies! But I will still eat a little of it, he worked hard on making it so I will eat it, but not much. Bummer.

I'm going to work out in a few. I've not been working out, but that is mainly because I've not been getting up on time. I did this morning, bright and shiny, and ready for the day.... after my coffee. I've been having such a hard time waking up, yesterday I couldn't seem to wake up at all. Not going to let that happen today. I'm going to walk on my treadmill and take the kids to the pool and clean up the house and finish up our study on volcanoes and take the kids to the library. Maybe. I'll do my best. I'm still running low on spoons.

There is a very confused bird singing outside my window. I say it is confused because it is still pitch black, the sun won't' even start to rise for another 30 minutes. And that bird is singing it's little heart out. I just hope it doesn't wake the kids.

I found a new song I love called Mad World, but redone by Postmodern Jukebox. Warning! If you do not like clowns, don't go to the following link!! Puddles the clown sings the male lead, it's a sad song, but I love it. I hated it at first because I didn't like the clown, he is not a happy clown. But now I love it. (another warning, it is a depressing song, don't listen if you are depressed!)

And some people you just can't, no matter how much you would like to.

I want to be a runner. This is another one of those things that I want with an intensity that I have not had in a while. I can't run, yet, but I will. I will lose those 10 pounds and I will start running, slowly, and work my way up. I want this t-shirt that says, "I run... I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run." Do want. That is me.

Being able to sew well is the other thing I really want. I love sewing, I know it will take time to get good at it. I'm making mistakes and learning from them. Today I have to get out the seam ripper and take apart a project I sewed together backwards yesterday. But I'm not giving up. I'm going to redo it and keep going.

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  • JUNEAU2010
    Your DH is a sweetheart!
    1368 days ago
    Wow! You have the spoons too? It is a good analogy and one my DH understands- I measure my spoons when I wake up in the morning! I swear I am going to find an antique spoon and fashion it into a piece of jewelry. I have many projects on hold, waiting for more spoons- LOL

    I like sewing also. I think it may be more relaxing for me now that I have overcome my perfectionism. I have been on the Burda site that I sent you. They have patterns for less than $6- I don't know if I am ready for that yet. I did the freebie on pattern fitting, and boy how things have changed over the years. Old dogs can learn new tricks. So much easier than it used to be!.

    Your hubbie sounds like a Cajun cook- they have never met a food that didn't need a little roux ( sp) with it. Ask him to set aside your ingredients before he gets rouxdelicious! LOL

    You can be anything you want to be! Keep going! Keep Calm and Sparkle On!!

    1369 days ago
    I hope that you have a great day today!
    1369 days ago
  • SILVER1369
    One day at a time. There are good days and there are bad days. Accept the bad days as the good days are so much better, emoticon
    1369 days ago
    You can do anything you put your mind to.
    1369 days ago
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