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Sometimes Anxiety Is Warranted

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

For the last 8 - 10 days, I've been filled with an overwhelming sense of anxiety. My leg was really bothering me and I was worried about my orthopedist appointment. This knee problem was an unexpected twist in my ongoing saga of surgeries. The orthopedist told me in August, if I began to have an increase in my pain level, I was to call and make an appointment. I had some major pain issues in October and a fall at the end of the month. The earliest appointment available was November 21st. I did call several times to find out if there were cancellations but alas, no appointments were available. Originally, my plan was to take care of my hand and arm this fall and regain normal function. After that, I would deal with Issues related to my lower spine.

You know the saying, "If you want to make God laugh, just tell him about your plans." Well here I am. I'm the person not laughing. My appointment yesterday was so very upsetting. To hear my doctor say that my knee/leg is in really bad shape made me want to weep with frustration, fear and anxiety. He will need to totally remove the existing knee replacement prosthetic, clean up the area and put in a new prosthetic. This means 4-5 days in the hospital but I will be allowed to go home instead of going to a rehab hospital. I will need to be very careful how I use my knee between now and surgery on December 23rd.

The doctor explained why my foot got caught in the door (when I was visiting my daughter in October) and I couldn't move it. Apparently, there is nothing holding my thigh bone and the bone for my lower leg together. When my foot got caught, the lower bone went one way and the thigh bone another. Gross as well as painful! I'm just very lucky that I haven't broken my leg. I fell on my way to early voting and was so lucky that I didn't sustain any noticeable damage.

So, my anxiety was well founded. I am now wearing a knee brace and am afraid of being very active. I'm so glad that I pushed to get my Christmas preparations done early. I will be in the hospital over Christmas. I can still drive as long as I wear my brace. My schedule is cleared except for doctor appointments and pre op testing. I am anxious to get my knee fixed and get on to the next piece of my wellness puzzle!
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