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Tough, Stressful Week

Friday, December 02, 2016

This has been a less than stellar week. My December surgery was cancelled and rescheduled at a different hospital at the end of January. I'm playing the 1-2-3 shuffle game once again. So much for all of my pre Christmas planning. If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans! Well at least I'll be home and not in the hospital for Christmas.

My migraine neurologist noticed that I have a softball sized knot on the top of my left shoulder near my neck. Now why didn't I notice that? Oh yeah, I was busy stressing over my surgery! She can't do anything to offer me relief until the neurological testing results are in. Then, on the way home I stopped to pick up my prescription. It turned out that pharmacy messed up my prescription and only gave me one inhaler instead of three. More arguing and phone calls. Sigh, and that was just on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I woke up super sore from driving myself to Tampa (55 miles each way) the day before. My knee was aching and my hand and arm were spasming. Not a good sign as these things go. I am fast approaching the time when I can't drive very far because of the pain. Hubby got me out of the house and I ran errands with him and met his sister for lunch. It was a nice mood lifter.

Thursday, I went for the results of my nerve testing. The doctor said that yes there is a problem with my ulnar nerve but since the testing wasn't able to pick it up, they couldn't help me. Really? The best they can do is to re-evaluate me in three months because they don't know where the impingement is occurring. I am a year into losing the use of my hand. Do they really think it is going to miraculously get better? They weren't even interested in the swelling and knot next to my neck. I've had this happen twice before and both times I had to have a cervical spinal fusion. Both times I lost the use of my left arm. (Which healed up as soon as I had the fusion.). The doctor said they were only going by the results of the testing not the symptoms. The testing says nothing needs to be done with surgery. I was livid to say the least! I've decided that it is time to find a new neurosurgeon before I end up with a real problem. I guess I'll just add it to the list! I dragged myself home loaded with pain and muscle spasms. I was at such a low point.

Thank goodness for our local Spark team dinner last night. I was in such a depressed mood that I didn't really want to go but I did. I am so glad that I made the effort! The folks on our team are just so wonderful. They listened to me whine (do you want some cheese with that whine?) and I felt so much better. I was able to hear some positive stuff about grandchildren and new cars. It was an instant stress reliever. What a blessing they are!

This morning, I am very sore and having lots of muscle spasms in my hand, arm and knee. I think I need a twenty year old body to go with my sixty year old mind. A girl can dream can't she? Anyway, I got to work making my phone calls. The doctor who prescribed the inhaler thought my description of the pharmacy staff's ability to read his prescription was very amusing. That conversation actually made me laugh which helps my stress. Then I called my migraine neurologist and left her a message. I already know that she will be displeased with the attitude of the neurosurgery department. I'm not sure what she'll want to do about the knot that is causing neck pain and a migraine but it should be interesting. What galls me is how blasé my neurological testing and neurosurgeon doctors acted. I will worry about that another day. I'm too stressed this week to deal with it.

My eating has been predictably poor at times. I either eat too little or the wrong things. This is a lifelong pattern. I've been known to drop as much as 15 or 20 pounds when highly stressed. That isn't healthy for my body and I know it. I will make more of an effort to eat for my health instead of not eating or worse yet eating for comfort. It is harder to eat for comfort since I am gluten free now which is a blessing in disguise. However, the not eating has caused my thyroid to really spin out of control so I will need to work on that. Why can't life be more simple? That is the age old question!
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    It was great to see you the other night. So glad you did come. I admire how you handle all your adversities. Dealing with doctors and all the medical system is so frustrating, and you do it I suspect as well as it can be done. And dealing with all those symptoms is no picnic. You hang in there. Thanks for all you do for me and out team. Love, Marsha
    1272 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1273 days ago
    Just do your best...getting thrown by these things is stressful...big hugs to you!
    1275 days ago
    I will always want cheese! With whine, wine, chocolate, beans... anything! LOL! What was the reason for the surgery to be canceled? Stay strong!
    1275 days ago
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