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Needing an Attitude Adjustment today!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Some of you already know that I injured my right knee on Friday - somehow, although I have absolutely no idea when or how. I assume it happened while walking Daisy on Friday and perhaps it was so cold out that I just didn't feel the strain. All I know is that by dinner time I was having a hard time putting any weight on it and by 8 p.m. it was so painful that I thought about going to Urgent Care. Unfortunately, UC wasn't open so I would have had to go to the hospital ER and I really wasn't up for that. Tom brought up my mom's walker - I'm so thankful that I decided to keep that. I don't believe she ever even used it. I slept in the Living Room that night because any movement in bed caused me pain.

Saturday I could walk but not very well. Sunday was a little better than Saturday. But today so far has been rough.

First of all, Daisy has been waking me up about 6:10 in the morning lately. When it's so dark and so cold I'm just not quite ready - but this morning she came back a few minutes later, so up I got. It's -1 degree with a wind chill that takes it to -17, so it was tough going outside with Daisy this morning. Then while having my 1st cup of coffee I noticed that the ring I've been wearing on my little finger was missing. My rings have been looser on me since I've lost some weight - I assume it must have fallen off while I was cooking or washing my hands. I loved that little ring.

Then I took a luke warm shower. We have to replace our hot water heater even though the one we have is only 4 years old and under warranty. According to Whirlpool, the part that needs replacing isn't covered under that warranty. And we learned from a plumber friend that this is a common problem for people in our area - something about the minerals in the water here AND Whirlpool knows about it. That's today's project - to buy a new hot water heater which will be another $8-900. Then I have to figure out how to pay for it!

So after I let myself feel bad for awhile this morning I decided to change! I put on my sweat pants and socks and did a very short, very easy yoga routine (first time I've ever done yoga in socks but it is truly cold). Next I'm going to make myself a healthy breakfast and go out with Tom to buy that darn hot water heater - the money will be there when we need it to be.

I have decided that I'm done with feeling bad this morning - the sun has come out and it really is beautiful to look at. Tom bundled up and went out twice yesterday, once to snow blow the driveway and in the evening to clear away the newest snow from the door, sidewalk and the first half of the driveway where we get in and out of the car. Thank goodness he is still able to do that!

So I have many things to be grateful for today; I'm deciding to change my attitude. I may not be able to be happy about this darn knee, or losing the ring, or the hot water heater - but I'm not going to let it ruin my day!

Thank you dear Spark friends for listening to me complain - it's over now and I'm going to make some breakfast!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The BEST thing about Sparkland is that you have a LOT of buddies that have such a VAST understanding of life and living you will never be criticized for a little moaning and groaning here and there! Honestly when I first joined way back in 2009 I did nothing other than mope around over the loss of our son. It is good therapy and a WHOLE lot cheaper than a psychologist! emoticon

    We are SO lucky to be surrounded by wonderful and empathetic friends...I NEVER share the details of my life with my fleshy friends like I do my sparky friends. For one thing, they are VERY judgy..and for another thing...although we have 25+ years of friendship...they are so superficial...they really aren't all that interested.

    So I am VERY blessed to have you and Fredie and so many other dear dear friends that listen AND CARE! emoticon

    Bummer that you lost your ring...but BIG plus it was because of weight loss that caused the problem. Better than losing it because it had to be cut off...that just happened to a friend of mine in Iowa because of her severe obesity. emoticon

    She works in the health field...I just don't get it...but she is in a very unhappy marriage..I'm sure that contributes to the situation.
    1340 days ago
    Thanks for your post. I needed it--I've decided I'm done with feeling bad! What a great attitude and approach. I'm going to be saying it a lot tomorrow.
    1341 days ago
    I hope the rest of your day went well and you are feeling better tonight!
    1341 days ago
    you truly have been through a lot with that knee. Hope and pray the pain goes away soon and Daisy can take you on walks again

    have you done a recall check online to see if your water heater is under a recall they are not telling you about. I know ours was a few years ago and the company picked up the charge for all the new parts and labor
    1341 days ago
    Oh Kathy, we are humans! We can sulk but just for a little time. And then we need to get over it and you have done that! You need to get that water heater and be able to take some really warm showers! Especially living in Minnesota! MY GOODNESS!!!! -17 degrees? And I bitched about it being in the 30's??? Fredie, get a little perspective, will ya? I will never complain how cold it is again! Geeze, living where you are, I couldn't do it! Nope, it would really be difficult to walk out of a building, that is for sure.
    I do hope Kathy that your knee is better. If not, you need to see someone and see if you tore it some more. Don't play martyr, get it checked if it isn't improving.
    I am home now for the rest of the day. Lucy Lou, my little birthday gal and I did tons of errands this morning and I just am not 100% back to my ol'self. It is going to take me a few days, though I will be busy, I am going to pace myself.
    Hope your evening is cozy my friend. Love and hugs, fredie
    1341 days ago
    Hey, good for you!!!! That's absolutely awesome..... way to go.

    Sometimes we just get into a funk..... I remember one time when I was dragging my chin on the ground, my dad sensed it, asked how I was doing, and I boohooed to him about it.

    Ya know what dad did? He asked me a great question --- what if I were to count my blessings.

    And all these years later, despite all the losses, sorrows, pain, sufferings and heartaches . . . my blessings still far out-weigh them all. So much to be thankful for!

    We can do it!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1341 days ago
    Sometimes it seems that life throws everything at you all at once. By the time the third thing comes along I know I can get pretty snarly. And you have physical pain on top of everything else, no wonder it got you down! Your doing a good job to regain your emotional equilibrium. I always find a few deep breaths help too.

    Hope the knee is nothing too serious. Thoughts and prayer that your week improves.

    1341 days ago
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    Bet you feel better for venting.
    1341 days ago
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