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Day 79

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Worked out for 53 minutes! And it's a good thing I did early morning, because after that I was in too much pain (not from working out, something else), so early morning workouts from now on it is! I barely slept last night. Once I get to sleep I'm usually good. But DH came in and took a shower at 1 AM and woke me and I could not get back to sleep due to the pain. Hardly anything helps it. And what does help it is temporary and only works for like an hour at a time. I just pray that what the doc said is correct and it will at least be feeling a little better in a week.

Trying to get the Christmas menu down. MIL decided a group text would work. I got confused and have had to text her separately to ask what was what. I know what I'm making. I don't care what everybody else has, I'm making roasted veggies for me. I'll make enough for everyone, but honestly, I'm making them to make sure there is food I can have. I'm making roasted (in a small amount of EVOO, salt and pepper and maybe some cayenne flakes) green beans, asparagus, baby Brussel sprouts and zucchini. DD has requested steamed broccoli, so I'll also be bringing that. I don't know if I'm making my usual bread, MIL loves her frozen rolls (literally soaked in melted butter), so I don't care if I make any to take with or not, will make some for home, per family request, and will make some as a gift for SIL and her family. I know she loves my bread.

I'm losing my holiday cheer, I'm fizzling out. I think it is the constant pain and lack of sleep (I slept two hours last night). I'm still looking forward to Christmas at home, but everything else just seems like too much of an ordeal. Home is easy. Coffee (no sugar), cinnamon rolls for the kids, sausage pinwheels and presents. Ta-da. Lunch of turkey, and goodies from home that we've pre prepared (shake for me). Easy peasy. I don't mean to complain, or sound like I am, I love our Christmas traditions with my in-laws, I'm just on very raw nerves due to all of the pain and sleepless nights, I think.

So, on to better, more fun subjects!

I think I found a hiking program I can use for my treadmill. It starts you out at a higher level than what I'm at (and for someone with longer legs!), but I think I can tweak it, lower the intensity and incline for the first few weeks and then start at the beginning of this program when I get to that level. I'm working on when will be my shorter days, my medium days, and my long day. As I get closer to the month of September, I'll increase the number of longer days if I can, build my endurance. Depends on what the program says to do. I found an easier trail that is just as long but a medium level instead of advanced for me to do with DH, thinking I was being nice considering his back and probable lack of exercise. He frumped at me. Said we could do both. I think the more I try to be concerned about his back and such, the more he's going to insist we do. So I'm going to stop and just go with it. Hoping I can get him a stationary bike so that he can at least be getting some cardio training. That and I said that I could do the other Trail with my BFF from TN. He thinks she is bad for me, and sometimes she is, but I love her and want to see her and this would be a healthy environment for me to see her in. No smoking, no old friends, no drinking, no triggers. I think it could be good.

I got in the tub yesterday, part of my care for my medical problem is a bath 3-4 times a day (or more), and after about 4 minutes black stuff was floating in the tub with me!! I jumped out and got in the shower right away. I still don't know what it was/is, but I've been running the tub full, turning on the jets (the jets were not on when I was in the tub and it was only 1/4th full) and then emptying it and cleaning it out. I think one more run and it will be good to actually bathe in again. Gross! It looks like it is just dirt, no mold or bugs or anything, so it must have been build up of some kind in the jets. It has not been used in a while. Quite a while. I used to prefer baths, but since becoming heavier, baths are more difficult so I just take showers. But now the tub is all clean, I've taken two short baths in it. I've also discovered that my heating pad is my friend.

DH is wanting to go see the new Star Wars movie and I'm hoping his family goes with him, meets him at the theater, because there is no way I could go like this. None. It's too painful. I cannot sit for that long, period. Oh. Well, he just said that all reports say it is really intense, so he will probably go solo. That works.

I'm off for another bath and hopefully some pain relief! Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and didn't get stuck out in the awful traffic today! emoticon
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