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Monday, December 19, 2016

I finished my Dad -n-law's gift yesterday!

Still have more gifts to do, but only a few that are a 'must' to get done before Christmas (the rest can be, 'see, I'm making this just for you' as soon as I can. b/c my girls and DH understand.)

I'm still in a lot of pain. Did not work out yesterday, was my 'off' day and I could not see working out in the pain I was in. Hoping that I can ease the pain enough to work out today.

Ants were covering half of my bathtub (okay maybe not that much) when I went to take my last bath last night! Sprayed the whole tub down with bleach spray (effective for killing ants) and am going to get the kids to help me clean it up today (bending over is too painful for me) so that I can take my baths again. Soaking in a hot tub for 5-10 minutes really helps. Time to call the bug guy and and get him to come spray the house again.

And now I'm purposefully off program. Kinda. Okay not really. But I have to take Metamucil and I'm taking it full strength (3 times a day) that's 150-ish extra calories a day. :( I vowed yesterday that it would be my last day off program that wasn't planned (like when we go to Grandma's or anniversary). So I made myself chicken and green beans. I don't know why I did it, but I did. I'm going to be off program on Christmas day, so not far from now. I'm even allotting myself a slice of pumpkin pie and coffee! So starting over for the week today on whether or not I get my reward. If I can stay on plan till Wednesday, I'll still get my reward for the week. Same goes for next week, not going to count my day off (Christmas) against me getting a reward. Getting my weekly reward was one of the things that really kept me on track. I looked forward to it every week. I love getting packages, something I get from my Mom. We would do a dance every time the UPS truck would come down the driveway when I was little and I would jump up and down shouting, "The upsty-ups man!" Small town so we knew the driver's name and everything. I don't remember it now. He was just the 'upsty-ups man', LOL. I will of course, put my reward for this week in my cart on Amazon and wait till after Christmas to get it just in case.

Went to Rite-Aid and spent too much money. I should never shop there, lol. I had to get more Metamucil... okay, it could have waited till next week, but I don't want to have to go out the week after Christmas it is crazy! I saw lipstick and thought of red lipstick (I don't have any to go with all my new nifty red tops) and so had to get matching red nail polish and some sparkle nail polish to put on top... and stocking stuffers for DH to make up for the ones me and the dog ate (I opened the bag and 'hid' it in my jacket. The dog found it. He is okay, even after all that chocolate, though he was very energetic for about 4 hours.). And a few other medical necessities. Plus a small cookie tin for putting buttons in after it is cleaned out. Mom used to always do that and I saw the tin and thought it would be perfect. LOL, you get the idea, one thing led to another.

Going to wait till lunch to to work out. Hopefully we'll have the tub cleaned so I can soak first and not be in as much pain.

Working on my goals for 2017 (aka resolutions) one of them is to train my dog. I don't know how to get him socialized other than taking him to stay with the trainer (and costing an arm and a leg) but I can get books and research how to train him. "How to train the skittish dog." I wonder if there is such a book. If I'm ever going to get a service dog for myself, he has to be trained first. He's such a little bundle of nerves and is afraid of everything; I have my work cut out for me. I have to learn myself, then train the girls, then we can train the dog. I have to have their help because they are his people. He loves the whole family, but his favorite people are the girls, as it should be.

Hope you guys have a Marvelous Moving Monday! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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