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Above 0 and No Snow!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Two things for which I am extremely grateful for this morning. This past weekend has been challenging.

We received about 8-9" of new snow overnight Friday which Daisy thought was pretty fun at first, but as the day progressed and the snow didn't go away she was less happy. Then the winds came and the temperature dropped like a bag of cement - Sunday we woke up to -19 with quite a wind chill! At dinner time it had warmed up to -8, really?

Daisy and I have an understanding about her bathroom needs. Well, Daisy has made it clear what she wants - and that is for me to share her time outside. I do have a chain by the back door but she would just sit by the door if I left her out there and when she is outside exploring the yard if she doesn't see me she comes in right away. Which made the last couple of days a bit complicated with my knee still not working too well.

I had to stand in the doorway on Saturday morning, didn't want to go out until Tom shoveled the step and my sitting area. Several years ago he took off the truck bed cover so he could put a truck topper on our truck. That truck cover is hard plastic and has become my "deck". It's probably time to make something more permanent but that costs money and takes time; even if I could come up with the money I don't know how many years it would take for Tom to create something.

Yesterday, because it was so cold, Daisy could only be outside for a couple minutes, even with her sweater on. Her feet would get cold. So if she took time to go to the spots in the yard she likes to check out and smell, she didn't have time to do her business. Which meant going outside about ever hour or so. Which also meant putting on her sweater, putting on my sweatshirt, boots, jacket and all I could do was stand in the doorway. Even there the wind was sharp.

So today I am so very grateful that it's actually warmer - I sat outside with her this morning for a few minutes. AND there is no snow which makes it a perfect day for me to get out and get some groceries.

I hope you all are warm and safe - I still see horrible weather across the US. I am also grateful that I no longer have to go out when the weather is this bad. Life is good!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my GOSH dear Kathy...what an ORDEAL...you are one dedicated doggie momma! AND...Miss Daisy Doodle is one lucky doggie to have a human so sensitive to her needs. Tell her that okay? emoticon

    I don't know if you will ever see bare ground again but I read somewhere on an animal site that some people throw a tarp over the bare ground and uncover it for 'business'...this would probably be impossible with the snow fall you get in MN. Tom needs to build some kind of little shelter for you to sit under with your Daisy girl that protects you from the wind. I just can't even fathom putting all of that 'gear' on for a few minutes every day.

    I remember Iowa winters WAY too well and thank my lucky stars we don't have to endure that kind of weather. anymore now that we are in FL year round. Of course we still have our winter challenges...they come in the form of overcrowding, pushing, rudeness and me, me, me. So there is always that! No one escapes winter unscathed! emoticon

    I'm happy your Christmas get together went well. We enjoyed talking to a nice couple here at the BNB from Boca Raton, FL. They are originally from Pennsylvania. Very nice people. DH enjoyed talking all things construction with the husband and I had a good chat with the wife.

    They are thinking about buying a little getaway here in N.C. I told them to be REALLY careful where they choose...because there are definitely pockets where FL people are NOT welcome.

    Can't say I blame the locals..when we had our little cabin here for 10 years I say some real 'horse's arses' from FL. It just takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel in the local's eyes. Sad but true. emoticon
    1329 days ago
    Oh no! Poor Daisy - can't stop the 'business' even when it's too cold! Glad that weather has passed now!
    1331 days ago
    Cold, winter weather and seeing to our dogs needs - what a challenge! I've decided I'm tired of winter already. Of course on rainy days I wish for the snow again so I guess there's no pleasing me in this climate. Fortunately Brody is doing much much better with his housetraining. Went a whole week without an accident.
    1334 days ago
    snow is so pretty but it is something that for me, should melt after 24 hours and be gone
    1334 days ago
    I was telling Linda we are just about 24 degrees colder than she is and she lives in Iowa! That is pretty close in my book of feeling the oats here in California. Geez Kathy, it was brutal again this morning. And every time I put on my heavy down jacket and scarves and mittens and hat, I always think of you and how that is just a way of life for you and for Linda...what a pain in the as* if I do say so myself.
    But I did a lot this morning, a million errands and accomplished so much. I had a large to-do list and now it is finished.
    I need to take Lucy Lou back to the kids in an hour...the only good thing about it when I come home, I don't have to go out again until tomorrow because there is no one that needs to go out...But I will be with her every day and next week she is all mine until the 8th of January.
    How is everything else going?
    1334 days ago
    Sending you some sunshine. Hope you and daisy get warm ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
    1334 days ago
    We are having freezing weather as well but I am off today, so it makes it better, have a good day
    1334 days ago
  • FUNNYFACE101002
    Life is good. I do love the snow but driving in a lot of snow is challenging let alone walking in it. Glad you got to get out today. Enjoy your day and I am sure that Daisy will too.
    1334 days ago
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