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Day 82/ Sink Reflections

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

So yesterday, I got the worst headache that wasn't a migraine that I have had in a long time. I daresay it was worse than a migraine. DH says he thinks it was a stress headache, from the pain I'm in and the constant tensing up because of it. I just know I'm glad it is completely gone this morning!

I've decided to start over with Flylady. I had given up on it, because I tried to jump in where I was years ago instead of starting over. So, I bought the book, Sink Reflections, and thought, I'll just read it through and see what she has to say. I know the program works, I've seen the testimonials, I just don't know why it is not working for me! Because I'm not doing the baby steps! So I bought the control journal so I can start that over again, and I bought the calendar and the rubba dish scrubbas. I want to get more, but I'm starting slow and just getting what I need now. I'll get more as I stick to the program. And no, none of that cost very much at all.

The book is awesome, she has so many cool sayings. My favorite is "you cannot organize clutter!" Because it is so true! You can't! I've got my two girls on board, especially my oldest (she LOVES schedules and routines) we are going to start after Christmas. I was going to wait til Jan 1, but I thought, why wait? I want to get out of this mess, and the sooner I start the sooner that will happen. I'm going to actually write out and start on the Morning and Before Bed Routines now. I'm still going to take it one babystep at a time, I just think the routines will help me now.

One thing I did last night was pamper myself. You're going to laugh. I tried on my new 24 hour bright red lipstick. When they say 24 hour, they mean it! I thought, I can just wash it off in the shower, no you can't! Soap didn't even smudge it! So, I decided I was going to pamper myself anyway and got out a face mask I got in my Ipsy bag *love*. So there I was with a white face mask on with bright red lips! I must have looked hilarious! But my skin feels so soft today! And you know what? After pampering myself and getting everything ready for today, I slept better last night than I have in three weeks. I don't know if that is what did it, but I'm thinking it helped a lot.

I didn't workout yesterday, I was just in too much pain. I'm hoping I can this morning, as the pain is not as much today, so far. I'm trying not to get too frustrated with myself about the working out, there is nothing I can do to make this heal any faster. But I really want to be working out.

Plans are finally finalized for Christmas. Told MIL what veggies I'm bringing. She told me SIL is bringing asparagus so I don't have to. But I want asparagus and I guarantee that SIL is putting cheese on hers and I won't be able to have it. SIL's girlfriend is a "vegetarian" but she eats cheeses and such (I don't understand her version of vegetarian), so everything is smothered in cheese and butter, exactly what I can't have which is why I said I was bringing the veggies. So I'd know I could have them.

Almost everyone's gift has come in, or is completed. Yay! I've got a few more Christmas baubles to finish and some surprise hats/scarves that I can only work on at night, and that is it! All but two small gifts are wrapped! I never do that! I usually wait til Christmas Eve then have a wrapping marathon! But this year I stayed on top of it. Neat! DH has not wrapped a thing, but he's only got my gifts to wrap so should not be a bother.

4 more days! *squee!*

Going to my friends house today. It's going to be a pain, means I have to pack up all my pain relief supplies to take with me. But I cancelled on her last week and I'm not going to this week! Plus the kids want to exchange gifts before Christmas.

Have a emoticon day and Thank You for stopping by my blog! emoticon
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