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Leaving them wanting more

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I took a short walk break at work this afternoon. It felt so good to stretch my legs! I was walking around an area I call "the track" because it's easy to walk laps.

I was originally going to go around once. Maybe twice. It felt so nice though, I just kept going.

On my last trip around, I was thinking about going one more time. But I remembered something I heard years ago about it's best for a performer to leave the crowd wish they would sing one more song... not wishing they had sung one less. I knew if I went one more time, I would start to feel a little sore and not enjoy the last part of the walk. So I decided to go back to my desk while I was still enjoying the experience. Then -- hopefully -- I will be more inclined to go again because my memory is a sweet one.
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