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Happy New Year 2017

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

I'm feeling so good, happy, and hopeful. I even got on my stationary bike, did 30 min, then pt, then upper body weights. I even tracked breakfast & lunch.

My new job hasn't started yet. My freelance has picked up, but I haven't gotten a check yet. But just the anticipation of getting money, so that I can be self sufficient, has lifted my depression.

I had 2 design job offers to choose from, one was an hour away, and I just couldn't face 10 hours a week in the car. The one I took was in town, half a mile away, and I start this week.

My freelance client wanted me to do 4 projects for a conference in Feb. But then asked me to do 4 more. They even said my rates were too low, and could I up my estimate? Yes!

My goal is to increase my emergency fund back up, as well as pay back my son, who I borrowed money from in order to not live off my credit card.

My weight loss goals are to lose 2 pants sizes, because i have a lot of work clothes I want to fit into.

My knee has been very painful. I should go to the ortho dr for follow up soon. It's limiting my workouts to non weight bearing, and upper body. I do some pt, mostly gentle stretches for the damn knee.
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