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Day 12 in Ketosis...I think

Monday, January 09, 2017

The title of this blog entry speaks for itself. I'm tracking all my macros in SP, but I find that I'm still not 100% convinced that I'm in full ketosis. I say this because although I do find that I have mental clarity that I didn't before, and I can go much longer periods of time between eating (between 12-16 hours most days), I still question my success because the scale isn't moving much. I didn't get into this hoping for a huge weight loss, but rather to improve my athletic stamina and if some weight came off along with it, well, so be it. I feel great, however my stamina isn't suddenly leaps and bounds above what it was before. The rational part of my brain, says to just chill out already and let the process work. Nothing happens overnight, but the irrational part of my brain says I must be doing something wrong. I'm 99% sure I'm in what's known as Post Induction Stall Syndrome (P.I.S.S.). I'm also 100% sure I'm premenstrual, which means additional factors are at play.

Anyhow, I will provide an update later this week.

Oh, and Go 'BAMA!

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    Hope you figure it out. emoticon emoticon
    1504 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    I had a quick look at that website. I'll dig deeper. Thanks!

    I'll say a bit more. Body chemistry either efficiently burns carbs or fat, but not both at the same time. In the summer time there is more fruit and carbs, and we fatten up. We fatten up in order to survive the winter.

    In the winter there are fewer carbs, but still meat, maybe fatty meats. But today, with global trade summertime foods are imported from other places on the planet where it is summertime. So we don't reach the wintertime ketosis time if we keep eating imported summertime foods.

    It takes a few days, indeed really a few weeks to "re-tool" the body chemistry to efficiently burn fat, in other words deeper in ketosis. You can't just quit eating carbs without hitting that issue, that you get the keto-flu. You yourself are beyond that at 12 days. But for athletic performance it probably takes being a little deeper into ketosis, maybe 3 or 4 weeks.

    It does sound like you are doing well, and that you recognize that it is endurance sports that fit ketosis better than fast explosive sort of sports, like say boxing.
    1507 days ago
  • AMOS76
    The podcast is put on by two type 2 diabetics who are also software Developers. It is fantastic!
    1507 days ago
  • AMOS76
    Thanks for the explanation! That tracks nicely with everything I have read on the subject. I have also recently become obsessed with a podcast called 2ketodudes .com. If you are not familiar with it, I recommend it highly.
    1507 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    So glad you are reading my comments!

    Insulin is your body's defence mechanism against high blood sugar. One can think of it as "normal" digestion, but it is really an emergency mechanism to control blood sugar. When you eat carbohydrates, your blood sugar goes up, and high blood sugar is not good for you, so your body releases insulin to help get the carbs out of the blood and into cells, either lean cells (muscles, organs ...) or fat cells.

    A not so good analogy might be a nuclear power plant. Yes you get energy from it, but the nuclear fuel is bad for the environment, so you want to store the waste away, like in a deep mine. In the case of carbohydrates that mine is your fat cells. Safely out of the way.

    But in this mode your fat cells are locked up, you are in storage mode. You get hungry before you dip into your body fat. If you eat more high carb stuff it is like the instructions "wash, rinse, repeat ...". Yes, wash, rinse, wash, rinse, wash, rinse, wash, rinse ....

    In ketosis you need little insulin as you eat few carbs. Without the insulin floating around your body fat is not in lock down mode, so you dip into it with less hunger than before. That is the reason you are not "hangry" between meals, because your body fat is much easier accessed. It is either fat you eat, or your body fat, it does not matter.

    I eat ketogenic because as a type-2 diabetic my carb tolerance is very low. If I eat say 90 grams of carbs a day, which is well below the average of about 300, I still can't tolerate it. I know because I measure me blood sugar fairly often.
    1507 days ago
  • AMOS76
    I started keto originally in late November, but fell off the wagon a couple times. I have noticed I'm not 'hangry' in between meals anymore. ?
    1507 days ago
  • -JAMES-
    I wouldn't say I felt mentally clearer in Ketosis than before, about the same. In the transition I was a little fuzzy.

    But if you can go long periods without eating, and not feeling very weak or very hungry, then I'd say you are there. Carbs have a blood sugar ride that will make you feel weak or hungry, so you are most likely in ketosis.

    As for the athletic part of ketosis, I'd say that takes a couple of weeks, like about 3 or 4 to really get the full effect.
    1507 days ago

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