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Day 118/ Left!/ That Time Of Year :(

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I woke up leaning left this morning. Ever had that happen? I nearly ran into the dresser, the door, the shower, the wall.... I kept going toward the left, it was like that side of my body was heavier than the rest and I could not seem to walk straight! I managed to make coffee and sit down, but was woozy, so I grabbed my throw blanket and laid down on the couch on my right side, see if I could even things out, lol. I did, I still feel a little off, so I'm waiting to work out, but I do not seem to be veering to the left constantly. How strange is that!?

So I didn't add this yesterday because I didn't really think about it til later, but i'm really, physically doing great. I'm amazed. Almost every time I go in to the doctor it's bad news of some kind, but this time was, 'you're doing great, keep it up!' So strange and great to hear that! My A1C (for diabetes) is 4.8, which is amazingly good, like good for someone who doesn't have diabetes! It's Incredible that my A1C is that good with having diabetes, I'm finally able to control it with just diet and exercise and the doctor says I don't have to check it but every 3rd day or if I'm not feeling good. WOW! They are weaning me off of blood pressure meds, completely! It will take about two weeks to get off of them, but then I just have to monitor my blood pressure and I should be good to go! My liver function is almost back in the normal range, my fatty liver disease is disappearing! My kidneys are fine, no more worry there, my salt levels are back up to normal (they were low, who in the USA has low salt levels? I have to drink a powerade every day to keep them up!!!)... The praise report just goes on! I'm beside myself with disbelief!

The only things I'm really having a problem with right now is sleep and anxiety and depression. This is that time of year where I usually have a Bad Time. But you know what? I'm not hiding in bed refusing to come out. I'm not so depressed the world seems impossible. I'm up facing the day and getting stuff done. It's hard, it's super hard, especially with all these factors, but I'm here and I'm soldiering on. I'm just trying to remember to be easy on myself as this is that time of year when things seem to get harder for me. I'm not going to try to get off any more meds, or do anything super hard right now. I'm trying to remember to work out every day, that helps for sure. Eating right does too. I'm limiting my time on social media as much as I can (the co-op and some things I'm involved with are all on FB, so it's hard, I have to be on those sites, but I try to just look at them and nothing else). If you have time please say a prayer for strength for these next few months for me. I know that I won't be able to make it on my own strength.

I really am enjoying being able to eat, maybe too much. But I'm eating healthy, and mostly non-starchy veggies and protein like I'm supposed to.

We picked some cabbage from the community garden yesterday and I washed it and youngest DD helped me chop it up. Now we have plenty of cabbage! Got one small head of regular cabbage and one big head of Napa cabbage (aka Chinese cabbage). I see some wonton cabbage soup in our future. Only sad thing is that I can't have noodles with it. Gardening is going to be great, and should last through the summer, yay!

Grandma canceled our trip to come see her at the end of Feb, says her arthritis is acting up really bad. I don't see how it will still be bad in a month, but it is totally up to her. Would not want to impose on her, but now I have one bummed out kiddo. We were going for youngest DD's birthday. She really wanted to have a party at Grandma's like she did when she was younger and we lived closer.

Well, I'm off to the pharmacy, oldest DD has caught a cold and is miserable. Must get something for the runny nose and achy throat.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great Thursday!

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