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Day 119/ Friendship/ FIGS!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

So, my friend C texted me, after days of silence, and was as if nothing had happened. Maybe to her nothing had, but her previous texts sure said differently! We texted back and forth as usual and everything seems fine. She even asked about getting together today and going to an indoor playground. I'm all done with going out this week. I've been all over and I want to just stay home one day, so she's coming over here. It's weird how friendship can do this. One day it seems like the sky is falling and the next, everything is fine, rainbows and sunshine. Or maybe that is just this friendship, I don't remember my other friendships being like that. I know with my friend M, I've been friends with her all my life, and nothing could get in between us and both of us are rock solid in that knowledge. I still love C to bits, but I don't know, if our friendship could be endangered by my kid saying 'heck' I just don't know.

Have you tried figs!? I love them! They are so healthy, and sweet and yummy! I have to be careful because I could eat a whole bag of them! I remembered trying them at a church function once that was about what they used to eat and stuff in Jerusalem, and thought I'd get some for my sweet treat at meals (I'm allowed one small portion of carbs or fruit or any extra I want). I was thinking fruit and healthy, and oh man are they good! I got the USA grown in California ones. Next time I'm going to try the Turkish ones. I get the black mission figs. If you like Fig Newtons, you'll love real figs!

So, the dizziness never went away yesterday. It got better, then worse. I didn't have any more veering to the left, man was that weird, but the dizziness was more than enough to keep me from working out. I'm not as dizzy this morning and am going to try to work out and see how that goes. If I get even a tiny bit more dizzy, I won't do it. Treadmills and dizziness don't mix! I did go to the pharmacy yesterday, oldest DD has a bad case of the sniffles and sore throat, and DH is catching it too. Maybe I have an inner ear infection. I'll go to the doctor if I'm still dizzy on Monday.

Oldest DD has decided she wants to eat like me. So when I eat I have to make double. I eat like, a chicken breast and some roasted brussel sprouts and green beans. Or a cole slaw bowl of cole slaw mix, hummus, salsa, avocado and black olives (yum!). Pretty healthy stuff. Youngest DD will eat some of the cole slaw bowl and I have to make her some steamed broccoli. I love that they are both wanting to eat more healthy because of the example I'm setting. I didn't do as great last night. I ate dinner and then DH brought home two rolls of sushi for me (lots of carbs in that rice) and I ate it. My blood sugar was the highest it has been in months this morning at 117. So I gotta stop that, that was too much food and too many carbs without working out (was too dizzy). I love sushi though, it is a weakness.

Off to try and work out, I am still a touch dizzy, but nothing like I was. So I'll at least do my abs workout and some time on the treadmill this morning.

thanks for stopping by!

Hope you have a great day! TGIF!!
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