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Day 124/ New Month Goals

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Feeling ever so slightly better. I did wake up in the night a lot, but was able to roll over and go back to sleep... well, not roll over, that would mean my sinus draining in the opposite direction! I was able to lay back down and go back to sleep without getting up. I took my new Thermos full of mint tea with honey to the bedroom and left it right beside my bed, it is still hot this morning! Cool!

Going to hop back into doing my Flylady routines and try to get some decluttering done today, but not overdo it. Go nice and slow. I have a lot to do today. No appointments, but I do have to go and teach my crochet class, teach school and then AWANA and probably a short date night with hubby. Not in that order. I'm going to need a nap. But can't take one, when I have places to be, I can't nap beforehand, my anxiety that I'll oversleep keeps me from being able to do so. Anxiety sucks.

I'm trying not to feel like I'm falling behind because of being sick. I wanted to be further along in my C25K training by now. But being sick, twice now in one month (or is that three times now?), has set that back. I know I'm not behind, just jump in where I'm at (thank you Flylady). But I can't help feeling like I'm falling behind on my training. I know I've got 8 more months to train for my big hiking trips, but I want to be in such good shape that I'm able to just relax and enjoy the scenery. Plus we start with the smaller hiking trips in at least April, maybe sooner if this good weather holds out.

I went a little overboard with the being able to eat real foods. So I've really got to watch what I eat from now on, I can't work out so I have no way to be burning all the calories from all the food I've been eating! Most of it has been good for me stuff, but I did have toast and jam (one of my favorite things). Doesn't matter, too many calories is still too many calories whether it is from veggies or pizza. I learned this from my friend C who gained 10 pounds recently (she just lost like 80 and has been stable at 135 pounds til now) and I'm wondering, how does a vegan gain 10 pounds like that!? She just ate that much food. She's mostly raw vegan but with the colder weather is eating some cooked foods for warmth and is not taking her usual walks. So, 10 extra pounds. She's really worried because she is outgrowing her new wardrobe!

So, I'm going to be going back to writing down everything I eat, drink and all that jazz. I stopped when I got sick and that is when I started just eating whenever and not really doing my shakes. Which is really foolish as my shakes are basically vitamins, and when sick you need vitamins! Oh well, lesson learned! So I got out my notebook again, caught it up to today and am restarting on logging everything. From blood sugar to water intake.

emoticon New Month Goals! emoticon

emoticon Don't get sick again! I don't know if I can help this or not, but sanitize the house, wash my hands a lot, all that jazz!
emoticon Restart C25K training as soon as I'm feeling able to, get in three days a week of training plus walking on those days.
emoticon I've not been doing good on getting my strength training in. Going to log this in my weight loss notebook as well. At least three days a week, core, arms, legs.
emoticon Lose at least 2 pounds a week, that is 8 pounds for the month. I'm sure I can do better, but we are starting off with me sick, so we'll aim for average on the weight.
emoticon Cut back on the coffee. I was drinking no coffee there for a while, but now am back to drinking it and I started back to my usual 2 cups of coffee a day. My Blood pressure does not need that, nor do I. So cut back to one cup. I've already had cup #2 today, so starting tomorrow.
emoticon Read my Bible reading daily. I got two days behind due to being sick and am just now catching up. That is a lot of reading to try to understand in one day! So stay caught up so I don't have to play catch up!
emoticon Drink water! Can drink powerade (sugar free) in place of one water. My water level went down by 1/2 of a point this last month and that is not good, I've been slowly going up

That's it I think! My main focus is on staying healthy. I can't do any of the other stuff unless I'm healthy. So eating right, sanitizing the house, handwashing, vitamins, all that jazz. Then the rest of the goals. Cutting down to one cup of coffee I think is important. I may actually switch to just hot mint tea with honey. I know the honey is sugar, but it's local honey and will help with my allergies come spring time. I need to be thinking of the big picture and while coffee is nice in the moment, in the long run it is not so good for my BP... need to think on that. I did give it up for over 12 weeks, so I know I can do it. Something to ponder for a while.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a Spark*tastic day!

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    Hope you feel better soon so you can accomplish all your goals!
    1255 days ago
  • JAJABEE1717
    It's good to have a plan and you've given a lot of thought to yours. May I add a suggestion? You're sounding a bit stressed and I'm sure you know that stress is not good for your immune system, your blood pressure and your overall health. And it doesn't promote weight loss with the hormones it generates. So, my suggestion for you: Pamper yourself. You deserve it. You've earned it. An example: if you're too anxious to take that nap, how about a bubble bath before your date night with hubby? Please enjoy yourself too before, during and after all the hard work you're putting in. Happy FLYing!
    1256 days ago
    WOW! You are really great about your Monthly Goals! Excellent plan! I liked what you said- calories are calories regardless of the source! That is so true. I seem to be doing well with a boundary of 1300-1500 calories. The better food I eat, the more I can eat- always a good incentive for me. So instead of one donut I can have a ton of other things, and still stay in calorie range.

    I love the Full Plate website- they "power up" meals- like more bang for the buck ( or in this case healthier!)- LOL

    I agree that local honey is like taking an antibody shot- I didn't do that when I moved to Tucson, and my sinuses have been very angry! It is just part of your calorie intake and a little goes a long ways! So good for you!!

    1257 days ago
    Your goals look great! You have the plans! Best of luck on follow through, and you have a Spark*tastic day too, and month!
    1257 days ago
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