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Day 136/ A New Week, A Fresh Start

Monday, February 13, 2017

This is the week all my new plans go into place, looking at things positively...

emoticon Going on the more strict diet program again. The freedom of the other one was too much, I ate too much, I gained weight. I didn't follow it. But the more strict program, I do great on. Go figure. So I'm going back on it as of today.

emoticon Changes that I've talked about in our homeschool are starting today! We start the day off with a placement assessment to see which math curriculum set to buy!

emoticon Start working out again as of today! This week I will get back in the groove and next week I will start the C25K again!

emoticon I'm going to do my best to not be nagging or yelling Mom and just be there for the kids. Make it fun, when it can be. Or be stern when I need to be, but with love. No more letting my frustrations run out on them.

emoticon I can't buy all of my curriculum this week (boo!) but I'm going to buy it over the next few paydays, so little bits at a time. We talked it out and decided math was most important, even though it will only be for ODD, she needs the help in math, and the confidence boost of being able to do it right.

emoticon I can't help my anxiety. It's something I have, just like diabetes, and I can't magic it away. We (DH and I ) have had several talks with the kids about it, so they understand. But I can try to get out and do more. Take my meds on time so I cut off anxiety before it starts (hopefully) and try to get out and do more!

emoticon Flylady is back up and fluttering! I'm going to strive my best to stick to my routines and get my daily work done!

emoticon I've also made some decisions about how I run my homeschool. I usually tell people I'm super flexible and I all that. No. I'm not. Not any more. Mornings until noon are off limits. That is prime homeschooling time. I am not available during that time at all, period. Not even to do grocery shopping. And during most days I will not be available til after 4. Yes, I'm one of those weird homeschoolers that does more than the mandatory 4 hours of class. But not only that, I have to get things graded and go over them, and prepare for the next day and I'm just not willing to do that at 10 PM any more. I have a job, a very important one, and it has a time frame that works best for my kids and that is the time I'm going to strive to do it in. Yes, I am at home, but that doesn't mean I'm not working and taking care of my kids and homeschooling and a billion other things that come before whatever 'favor' others want to ask of me. My kids come first. My family comes first. My sanity comes first. Our homeschool comes first. Period.

emoticon Stress relief is an important part of my everyday routine of taking care of me. And I've learned that if I don't take care of me, no one else will and I will soon run out of me to give to others if I'm not taking care of me first. It's the whole oxygen mask on the airplane thing. You have to put your oxygen mask on first so that you can put others on when you are done. So I've got a paint by number that I'm doing. It's a really hard one, and I'm determined to finish it. I'm maybe an 1/8 of the way there, lol. Plus I'm going to continue to learn how to sew. Simple things to help me destress.

emoticon Today is going to be an exception day. Have to go get valentines stuff. Yes, I've waited til the very last minute to do so. Gotta get valentines for the kids to give to their friends we are having a valentine party with (just a simple here at home type thing) and at co-op where we go on Wednesdays if they want to. Going to get a craft for the oldest kids to do together and a craft for the youngest kids to do together. It should be fun. After lunch we will go grocery shopping and then finish school up.

emoticon Now I'm going to sit and drink my 2nd cup of coffee and ponder if I'm going to work out this morning or at lunch time... Have not been sleeping well, so I have been taking naps, don't want to nap today, so I suppose I will do the opposite and work out when I would normally want to take a nap. Sounds like a plan to me!

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