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Non-Scale Victories 1 month in

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Was reading this article here on Sparkpeople: www.sparkpeople.com/blog

It got me to thinking about the non-scale victories I've had lately, 1 month into my health quest:

-Fitting back into jeans I couldn't wear last winter. (I'm still addicted to my yoga pants but it's nice to look presentable in jeans.)

-I live in Montana and have microfleece jackets in all my favorite colors because winter is grey and I need cheering up emoticon. Last winter I stuck to the charcoal grey and black ones because I felt like a stuffed sausage. This week I've worn the royal blue one and a pretty berry one. And I didn't feel like a brightly colored kielbasa in them.

-I have a serious punctuality problem. My internal clock is completely haywire. Have been mostly on time for everything this week. I'm sleeping better and more organized because I'm planning ahead for healthy meals, gym, etc. It's starting to overlap into the rest of my life. Now the trick is to KEEP GOING.

-A colleague at work came through selling Girl Scout cookies, and I always buy those peanut butter sandwich guys and eat the whole box within 48 hours. (Do-Si-Dos I think?) This year I know that sweets are a slippery slope for me. Just found out Girl Scouts have an option where you can buy cookies for the military troops overseas and the Girl Scouts send them. So did that instead. Military folks and your families, thank you for your service.

-Screwed up at work on Monday--embarrassing and 98% my fault. Felt bad for a bit but was able to (mostly) forgive myself and move on by the next day. Maybe because I'm getting into a habit of being kinder to myself? Turns out it was not as big a deal to my colleagues as it was to me.

Would love to hear some of your NSVs! Please share!

Have a wonderfully healthy week, Sparkfriends!

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